Our team

Hugo Rizzi


Is a soccer fanatic (a fan of Córdoba’s own Belgrano team) and a compulsive reader. His short-term goal is to run a half-marathon.

After graduating with a degree in Literature and Spanish language from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, he studied contemporary art philosophy at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, where he lived for a year before moving to London to complete his studies in English. He lived in the English-speaking capital for two and a half years.

Ten years of his career were devoted to teaching literature and Spanish in one of the most prestigious schools in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Since 2006, he has been working in the translation industry; his profound knowledge of Latin American language and culture made it possible for him to fill the position of proofreader and Quality Assurance Manager for a renowned translation company in Argentina.

In January of 2011, he decided to use his knowledge of the industry—meeting client needs, carrying out quality assurance procedures and project management—to found Stillman Translations. For the first year, the company was created to offer QA services for other translation companies; but throughout the years and with lots of effort, Stillman Translations became one of the most important translation agencies in all of Córdoba, Argentina.

Hugo is a passionate, success-oriented individual with strong professional aspirations, great interpersonal skills and a willingness to discover the most appropriate solution for your business needs.

Carolina Li Gambi

Vendor Manager & QA Manager

She loves plants and dogs, reading novels, cooking and dancing salsa.

Carolina began working in the translation industry after graduating with a degree in Spanish Proofreading and prior to finishing her Literature and Spanish language degree by the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC).

Now, with more than 10 years of experience in the translation industry, Carolina has used her skills in a number of positions, working as a translator, proofreader, editor and reference linguist for multiple clients such as the United Nations, CAT and Harley Davidson. Her expertise has led her to assume the position of Vendor Manager at Stillman Translations.

Since she began working at Stillman Translations, she has personally selected and trained over 80 translators and proofreaders, making contributions towards the company’s growth, customer satisfaction and the fidelity of resources.

Carolina loves languages, working with words and the different mechanisms we use to communicate. The translation industry has given her the opportunity to explore these interactions from multiple perspectives.

Valentina Rios

QA and Innovation Developer

She has a cat who can’t climb up onto the bed, but who sometimes sneezes in her face. She takes dance classes, enjoys walking to the office, drinking mate and is in love with the south of Argentina.

Valentina studied Modern Literature in the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC), and was already immersed in the translation industry by the time she finished her studies. Her first contact with the world of translation was as an intern, an experience which introduced her to all of the unique facets of the market and led her to discover how much she liked working in a team.

In the last 10 years, Valentina went from intern to Quality Manager in one of the most important translation companies in Argentina. She developed not only her linguistic knowledge, but also her leadership and personnel managementskills.

She currently contributes with the quality and innovation sector of Stillman Translations. Responsible for the quality control for some of the most important clients, Valentina ensures that we are always on good terms with our clients. She also contributes a lot from her past experience, creating support materials and auditing projects, striving to ensure that all of the resources involved in the project are dedicated to and focused on the task.

Although she is relatively new to Stillman, she is a familiar face to many, having been a colleague and friend at previous jobs, travel partner or even roommate during her time as a student.

Rosalia Mognol

Operations Manager

Dog lover, River Plate fanatic, French fries are her kryptonite (She would do some surprising things for French fries.)

A young professional with a translation degree from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, she is our night shift master, handling all last minutes projects from our clients from all over the world!

Starting her career as a translator while she was still in college allowed her to acquire a wide variety of experience in the industry; collaborating not only with local and multi-national companies, but also directly with clients.

Her first position at Stillman Translations was a freelance translator, and she quickly started doing editing and proofreading. After that, she became part of our in-house team, proving to be a very important asset for the company.

Rosalia is well-attuned to client’s needs, has great interpersonal skills and a strong personality. She diligently seeks to find the best solution for our clients.

Tania Giacomelli

Project Manager

She loves cats, does not understand why people like soccer, and is extremely creative.

She is not the youngest member of our team but is for sure the most juvenile, full of energy and eager for results. She earned her translation degree as well as her undergraduate degree in business management from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC).

She is our morning shift contact, in charge of control management of deliveries and assignments throughout the day. Her business background was crucial in putting her in charge of the billing system control. She can also be counted on to translate any small, urgent project or to do proofreading and QA analysis.

During her years living in New Zealand, she worked and traveled the country, increasing her interpersonal skills, developing negotiation techniques, and improving her financial understanding of business. She also had the opportunity to travel throughout several countries across Europe during her school years, making her an easygoing person with all the skills necessary to work with different clients from all over the globe.

Tania is a very intelligent and open-minded professional who is eagerly looking forward to provide our clients with the most accurate, creative, and timely solutions.

Florencia Tissera

Project Manager

She is a music enthusiast, with a particular fondness for the strangest and most unusualvarieties. She also adores languages as reflections of cultural diversity, and wants to learn all of the languages spoken by Manu Chao!

Florencia is the youngest member of the team, but this does not limit her abilities and knowledge. She earned a degree in English Translation at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) and continued expanding her knowledge of Portuguese and French in different academic branches of the institution, developing solid reading comprehension skills.

She began working at Stillman Translations as an in-house translator but has already been managing projects from our offices for one year. She is our versatile contact and can be found at all hours, morning or afternoon, but what doesn’t change is that she is always in tune with the wide diversity of requirements demanded by the different moments of the workday.

Although she has not physically visited the other hemisphere, her studies have even allowed her to work in the Cirque du Soleil team, where the fluent relations between people from all walks of life is key to guaranteeing understanding and to satisfying even the most particular requests. Her favorite challenge is to provide a personalized alternative, always centered on quality.

Florencia can help you in the area you need or find the best person for every task in less time than it takes Belgrano to score a goal.

Carola Velit Zapater

Project Manager

Animal lover, specially dogs. She has 4 dogs at home, her little babies. She is the only Peruvian at the company (so far, we might have some news soon!).

Carola studied Translation and Interpretation in Euroidiomas and Universidad Ricardo Palma; obtaining a degree in English and French.

She has more than 9 years of experience in the language market, including working as an Interpreter at events and conferences of the UN in Peru.

She started to work in Stillman on April.

Her short-term goals are travelling around the world, learning Portuguese and German and probably adopting more dogs!

Constanza Herrero

Project Manager

Passionate about God's creation: sunrises & sunsets, mountains and the sea. Very calm; specialist for details, good adviser and listener. Very Argentinean: she loves to drink mate.

She earned a degree in English translation at the National University of Cordoba, but prior to graduating, she began working as an English<>Spanish interpreter for different international clients. Due to her oratory skills and calmed personality, she worked as a full time interpreter for two weeks on the USA on a special trip.

She also worked for an international organization as a freelance translator, which led her to discover she prefers working on a team rather than by herself.

All the time trying to learn new things.