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5 noviembre, 2021
Language as a way of bonding and peace making

How much of an impact does language have in our day-to-day lives? The weight of words has been discussed in many generations of philosophers. Does language create reality? Is reality molded by our terminology? Or is language only a symptom of what goes on underneath?

30 septiembre, 2021
The Different Types Of Spanish And English

English is an official language in over 60 countries around the world. Spanish is also a widely predominant language, especially all over the American continent, including the US. Yet, we tend to strictly portray them as two fixed languages, and to miss considering those differences when in need of translation or interpretation.

24 septiembre, 2021
Why Empathy Is Key For Designing The Best Selling Videogame

And why game transcreation and localization is the way to do it.
Empathy is the key to the gaming industry, and sometimes developers don’t even notice it. Open world games have become predominant, graphics have achieved a whole new level of realism, and stories are developed in growing complexity. “The Last of Us”, a best-selling zombie apocalypse scenario game, has a story that could well be considered a movie plot.

16 septiembre, 2021
The Impact Of Translation On The User Experience (UX)

User experience or UX is not really new, but it resurfaced and gained the spotlight with the rise of digital products. When designing and translating platforms, apps, online conferences, etc., UX must always be contemplated. How will people navigate and understand what we’re offering? Why will they choose our products or services before others?