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26 octubre, 2022
How to be agile and a team player?

An agile team is a cross-functional group of people that are organized to work collaboratively in order to deliver a product increment. Agile teams are more adaptable than traditional project groups, work in stages, and do a limited amount of concrete tasks at a time.

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20 septiembre, 2022
The whole world needs accessibility

Accessibility is concerned with whether all users are able to access an equivalent user experience. It’s also a legal requirement. Starting 2022, accessibility within Europe will be prominent within the digital industry. On top of the WCAG rulings, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) published in June makes sure it’s on the agenda.

24 agosto, 2022
Project Management Trends you should know

We start projects with this adrenaline rush that usually subdues. You see, we can’t really lean on our motivation for a project to make it to the finish line. And in this case, unlike long distance racing, the important thing isn’t only to make it. It’s to make it on time, with the amount of resources set aside for it and having accomplished certain OKRs.

12 julio, 2021
The Power of US Hispanic Costumers

The Hispanic population in the US is growing rapidly and not just in size. The demand for connectivity and companies communicating specifically to that audience beyond just language but also on a cultural level is growing at the same pace. Falling behind and sleeping on this business opportunity is not an option anymore and we will tell you why.