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amateur medical interpreter
21 April, 2021
The risks of having an amateur medical interpreter

Scientific research has shown, time and again, that effective communication is essential in medical environments. But the risks associated to translation and interpreting in this field haven’t always been assessed clearly and concisely. You may have a good notion of the responsibility involved in dealing with the health of LEP patients, but in order to be prepared, understanding the specific risks involved is essential. This article summarizes some case studies and research findings to help explain those risks in black and white.

types of medical translation
17 March, 2021
Medical Translation: how many types are there?

Coronavirus, COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2? Measles or rubella? Thorax or chest? Finding the right terminology for medical terms can be a difficult in our first language. Can you imagine having to convert them into an entirely different language? Thankfully, that is what the experts are for. However, the quest to hire the right medical translation professional can be quite daunting.

Health Insurance
2 December, 2020
Why are Health Insurance Translation Services important?

The translation of health insurance documents for LEP (limited English proficiency) clients is a complex process that involves high levels of technical expertise. Long gone are the days when a bilingual relative could serve as a translator in medical communications. In order to stay in compliance with federal and state laws, medical insurance translation services are a […]

uncomfortable emotions during pandemic
21 October, 2020
How to deal with uncomfortable emotions during the pandemic

As discovered by psychologists worldwide, the relationship we have with our emotions affects the relationship we have with everything and everybody else. Like every relationship, it begins with the words we use to address those parts of ourselves. After 9 stressful months of a pandemic in 2020, developing a healthy relationship with uncomfortable emotions has become a top […]

medical translation and interpretation
23 September, 2020
Medical translation and interpretation during pandemics

During a pandemic, translators and interpreters are essential. As the world comes together to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical translation and interpretation is a key way to respond to human needs. Language matters more than ever. Translators and interpreters fulfill a fundamental role to help society receive public heatlh announcements and guidance.  Why language matters during pandemics Interpreters and translators can give guidance to patients […]

28 April, 2020
Why is medical translation so important?

Medical translation requires specialized and trained translators to be constantly updating their knowledge. This field demands top-quality working procedures because what is at stake is the health and life of human beings. Medical translation emerged from the need to achieve a mutual understanding of health issues between patients and professionals who speak different languages, and […]