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30 septiembre, 2021
The Different Types Of Spanish And English

English is an official language in over 60 countries around the world. Spanish is also a widely predominant language, especially all over the American continent, including the US. Yet, we tend to strictly portray them as two fixed languages, and to miss considering those differences when in need of translation or interpretation.

language access
3 febrero, 2021
Language access during a pandemic: an essential human right

The year 2020 was marked by an enormous flow of information on the coronavirus, which was both essential to human lives and ever-changing. Governments, language services organizations and medical institutions around the world were faced with a very real challenge: human lives depended on having equal access to information. Find out what was done to tackle this […]

employee retention
22 enero, 2021
Why language is important for employee retention

Language is important and so is employee retention. The link between the two, however, is not always acknowledged in the corporate world. Recent HR studies show that employee retention is a complex phenomenon, driven by much more than compensation and motivation. In this article, we explore the role of language in improving employee retention.  Why […]

Christmas words
21 diciembre, 2020
The stories behind English words used at Christmas

As hard to wrap our minds around the fact as it may be, the festive season is almost here. Christmas plans start to become a common topic in conversations, thankfully stealing some of COVID-19’s spotlight. In this article, we dive into the birth of the words we use to talk about Christmas.   Latin is the root of modern Christian words  […]