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20 septiembre, 2022
The whole world needs accessibility

Accessibility is concerned with whether all users are able to access an equivalent user experience. It’s also a legal requirement. Starting 2022, accessibility within Europe will be prominent within the digital industry. On top of the WCAG rulings, the European Accessibility Act (EAA) published in June makes sure it’s on the agenda.

legal interpretation services
22 marzo, 2021
Legal Interpretation Services: a roadmap

The legal interpretation territory can have some moving sands for the inexperienced. Understanding the basic elements of a legal interpretation scenario can be the difference between selecting the right person for the job and learning a useful (but unpleasant) lesson. In this article, we share a list of expert tips and definitions to help you prepare for your next multilingual trial, court hearing or lawyer-client meeting.

Sworn Translations
17 febrero, 2021
What are Sworn Translations and why are they important?

Do you know what Sworn Translations are and why they are important?  Sworn translations have been increasingly demanded over the past years due to globalization, migration, tourism, and internationalization of markets. Documents and content need to be adapted to the current laws of a specific country.  Find out more about these type of certified translations:  What are Sworn Translations and why are they important?  Sworn […]

Legal Tech
20 enero, 2021
The future of Legal Tech: equal access to justice and a reinvented lawyer

Can you imagine a world where AI can predict court decisions and there is no need to actually go through court processes? Experts such as Richard Susskind can. And the COVID-19 scenario has proven that the future is closer than we imagined. Explore with us the trends in legal tech that can create a fairer access to […]

Legal Translation
23 diciembre, 2020
Legal Translation: why errors can affect people’s lives

Legal translation is present in very important processes of people’s lives: adopting a child abroad, confirming the divorce of a double-nationality couple, finalizing a business contract or product patent or insurance. “Legalese” is one of the most peculiar of language types, because of its specific terminology and syntax, so errors in translating it can affect people’s lives in serious […]

Legal Translation
11 noviembre, 2020
Legal translation: what is it, why is it important and some characteristics

As with any sort of translation, legal translation consists of transforming documents from one source language into a different target language. But there are some peculiarities about this type of translation. Legal translation stands at the crossroads of three areas of inquiry—legal theory, language theory and translation theory—that are fundamentally indeterminate, largely because of their reliance on natural language (Joseph 1995: 14).  The law itself is quite […]