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12 julio, 2021
The Power of US Hispanic Costumers

The Hispanic population in the US is growing rapidly and not just in size. The demand for connectivity and companies communicating specifically to that audience beyond just language but also on a cultural level is growing at the same pace. Falling behind and sleeping on this business opportunity is not an option anymore and we will tell you why.

language affects buyer behaviorr
5 mayo, 2021
How does language affect buyer behavior?

Much has been said about how the way in which we communicate with our customers affects purchasing decisions. For marketers, understanding how the human brain works is always a major problem. For a communication strategy to be more powerful, language becomes essential. Finding the best ways to speak to our target audience is key.  As […]

multicultural marketing
6 abril, 2021
Why is multicultural marketing important?

International business has to take into account the multicultural differences that are part of our society. Segmentation is a way to approach to each target audience in an effective way, to make it possible engaging with them.

Companies should consider multicultural marketing strategies if they want to land into new markets and expand their business overseas. Take a look to find why is multicultural marketing important.

content marketing
12 marzo, 2021
Why Content Marketing Is Important

If content is king, then content marketing is an absolute must for any business. Almost every company in every industry pays attention to content marketing and content creation. Why? Because it works!  Content marketing enables businesses and professionals to increase their website traffic, position their brands, gain recognition, create quality leads, and improve their sales funnel. […]

Google EAT
24 febrero, 2021
Google’s EAT: how to optimize your SEO strategy

So, you are trying to decipher Google’s algorithm, well…aren’t we all?

Each update that Google makes forces us users to make an adjustment to our SEO strategy. Marketers work hard to keep up with Google’s changes, so they prevent their page rankings from sinking. Since August 2018, the concept “E-A-T” has become more noticed in the SEO lexicon. What does this concept mean? Well, basically, it means that to rank well in Google you need to reflect Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT).

global cx
11 febrero, 2021
3 ways to improve global CX

In a fully digitalized and interconnected world, global companies tend to overlook the importance of cultural differences and linguistic emotional connotations. As marketing strategies become more and more customer-centered, it is important to return to market research when creating global CX strategies. In this article, we explore some trends in global customer preferences to help […]