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Translation: a growing industry
2 June, 2021
Translation: A growing industry

The unpredictability of 2020 and the pandemic situation affected several industriesand drove businesses to their breaking point. Nonetheless, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity; the translation, medical and IT industries appear to be the few fortunate sectors.

5 May, 2021
Why should you consider gender neutral language?

The world we live in is experiencing an important change in the way we communicate with each other. Gender and non-binary language are changing our perception about inclusion and diversity.  

In order to achieve better communication strategies that respond to the times we are living in, companies and organizations should take gender neutral and non-binary language into account. If you want your brand to be well-accepted and to improve the relationship with your employees, take a look at this article: 

language affects buyer behaviorr
5 May, 2021
How does language affect buyer behavior?

Much has been said about how the way in which we communicate with our customers affects purchasing decisions. For marketers, understanding how the human brain works is always a major problem. For a communication strategy to be more powerful, language becomes essential. Finding the best ways to speak to our target audience is key.  As […]

differences between translation and transcreation
28 April, 2021
The differences between translation and transcreation

Transcreation has become, in recent years, a well-reputed solution for multilingual marketing content, but the differences it bears with regular translation aren’t always clear. Also, transcreation is more expensive and time-consuming, so as an LSP client, you’ll want to know why and when it is the best language service for you. In this article, we look at the difference between translation and transcreation, and we describe some of the reasons why it could be the best investment for your company.

standardization in legal translation
28 April, 2021
The importance of standardization in legal translation

In a globalized world, legal proceedings that cross several national borders are increasingly the norm, and legal translation is a sensitive requirement. Despite the development of global communication, differences in legal systems around the world can lead to misunderstanding and translation errors. Researchers and academics have claimed that standardizing a universal legal language could be the solution to those challenges. This article summarizes claims in favor of standardization as well as its limitations.

amateur medical interpreter
21 April, 2021
The risks of having an amateur medical interpreter

Scientific research has shown, time and again, that effective communication is essential in medical environments. But the risks associated to translation and interpreting in this field haven’t always been assessed clearly and concisely. You may have a good notion of the responsibility involved in dealing with the health of LEP patients, but in order to be prepared, understanding the specific risks involved is essential. This article summarizes some case studies and research findings to help explain those risks in black and white.