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trick to time management
3 Tricks to Time Management

Managing time is one of the main challenges of our era. Now more than ever, it feels like there is never enough time for the increasing number of items on our to-do lists. Prioritizing is a good strategy, but it doesn’t help create more time within our day! If you find yourself constantly racing against […]

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machine translation
Machine translation: everything you need to know

Machine translation is becoming more and more popular, it is used as a predilect way to complement human translation processes. It can be understood as a form of computational linguistics and language engineering. It is an automated process, carried out by a computer, not a human, where the software translates the text or speech from one language to another.  How does machine translation work? Machine translation is the process […]

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multicultural families
Multicultural families: falling in love in a globalized world

In this globalized world we live in, it becomes more and more common to meet intercultural or multicultural families. These families are formed by couples who have different nationalities, speak different languages and come from different cultures. Multicultural families can be seen as a miniature version of the world cultures.  What does it mean to have a multicultural family?  An intercultural family goes beyond just having a different passport. People within […]

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What are the stories behind the months’ names?

It’s September already! Have you ever thought about why we call it “August”? We’ll give you a hint: it’s the Romans’ fault. Their devotion to gods and emperors has left its mark on the way we speak about many things, including our months. And learning some of the stories behind the months’ names is just like watching a Roman soap […]

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game localization
Game localization: why is it important?

The best way to connect a great game with the audience is through an excellent game localization process. The game localization market is growing by leaps and bounds. It is expected that the Game Localization Services market rises at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2020 and 2026. So, what is game localization about and […]

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untranslatable words emotions wellbeing
The untranslatable words that can improve our wellbeing

Psychologists since Sigmund Freud have claimed that language is the glue that holds together the complex web of experiences of being “human”. At the crossroads between psychology and linguistics, a new field of scientific discovery has found that the untranslatable words we use to name our emotions have the potential to improve our wellbeing.  The […]

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How effective are language learning apps?

Learning a new language is always a journey. Finding the best language learning experience, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown, adds yet another layer of difficulty. Online courses appear to be the ubiquitous answer to everything, from yoga to PhDs. But how effective are language learning apps? Are they the most efficient option to learn a […]

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Language change over time
How does language change over time?

Languages change over time: some have gone extinct, others are in danger of extinction, and others are merging and acquiring new words and phrases constantly. As civilization evolves, communication between humans’ changes, producing vast culture transformations. Colonialism, immigration and globalization have greatly impacted the way we speak and even think every day. Let’s deep dive […]

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social economy
An economy that includes all – real possibility or utopia?

An economy that is social and solidary. Is that a realistic possibility? Well, to about 12% of the world it is the reality. In case you are not familiar with the concept, a “social economy” or “solidarity economy” refers to a different way of doing business, which is driven by values rather thanf revenue. A global shift to this kind of economy would be world-changing. But is […]

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