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software localization
5 enero, 2021
How to achieve the best results in software localization

We live in a global market. In order to compete with international business, we need to adapt our content and services to the different requirements of each target audience. This involves software localization. Software localization is key for companies that want to position their products or services worldwide, but also to achieve a much better […]

30 diciembre, 2020
Why the future belongs to entrepreneurs

Today, a traumatized global community seeks new insights into economic healing and financial wellness. Entrepreneurship is the answer.” Stephen Spinelli Jr.

Economists, researchers and futurists from around the world hold great expectations for entrepreneurs and the contributions they can make to solve our global problems. But why does the future belong to entrepreneurs? Find out here!

Legal Translation
23 diciembre, 2020
Legal Translation: why errors can affect people’s lives

Legal translation is present in very important processes of people’s lives: adopting a child abroad, confirming the divorce of a double-nationality couple, finalizing a business contract or product patent or insurance. “Legalese” is one of the most peculiar of language types, because of its specific terminology and syntax, so errors in translating it can affect people’s lives in serious […]

Christmas words
21 diciembre, 2020
The stories behind English words used at Christmas

As hard to wrap our minds around the fact as it may be, the festive season is almost here. Christmas plans start to become a common topic in conversations, thankfully stealing some of COVID-19’s spotlight. In this article, we dive into the birth of the words we use to talk about Christmas.   Latin is the root of modern Christian words  […]

18 diciembre, 2020
What challenges do companies face when going global?

There are many reasons why internationalization is a very good idea. In entering new markets, you can increase your revenue potential and improve your brand’s recognition. You can also diversify in terms of talent and products, while saving costs. But before you set sail, you’ll want to make sure you are aware of the challenges that companies […]

multicultural teams
16 diciembre, 2020
Working in multicultural teams

What is it like to work in a multicultural team? Well, as a multicultural company, we can say it is extremely interesting! Multicultural teams are made up of people who come from different countries or have different cultural backgrounds.  Several benefits come from having a multicultural team. To start, it is key for a language service provider to have team members who speak different languages and have a wide variety of cultural knowledge. Being able […]

16 diciembre, 2020
Why ¨feeling¨ local is key to grow your business

We live in a globalized world, in which buyers are no longer limited by geographic boundaries. The possibilities of landing new markets overseas gives companies the chance to grow by gaining new audiences. To become noticed in other countries, there are several marketing strategies needed to improve the brand’s presence. But, at the same time, content needs to be readapted to the new target audience.  To gain an international presence it is key to growing your […]

9 diciembre, 2020
A human company with a tech approach

The current business world has become increasingly reliant on technology. In order to succeed, companies need to offer their clients not only expertise and human value, but also improved work-procedures based on the latest technology. Although a human-to-human (H2H) approach is extremely important, companies can also benefit from mobile, cloud and collaborative technologies.  At Stillman, we are proud to be a human […]

Health Insurance
2 diciembre, 2020
Why are Health Insurance Translation Services important?

The translation of health insurance documents for LEP (limited English proficiency) clients is a complex process that involves high levels of technical expertise. Long gone are the days when a bilingual relative could serve as a translator in medical communications. In order to stay in compliance with federal and state laws, medical insurance translation services are a […]

Everything you should know about Thanksgiving
26 noviembre, 2020
Everything you should know about Thanksgiving

This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 26 and perhaps the only thing we know for certain, after a very confusing 2020, is that human history is complex stuff. There are always multiple points of view and “factual” accounts can often be less than accurate. In the spirit of a 2020-type of Thanksgiving, why not reveal […]