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23 julio, 2021
Native translation: a source of trust and transparency in insurance claims

The multicultural composition of the U.S. population poses a challenge to the insurance industry: can it offer services that speak to a variety of cultures? Intraregional diversity in the U.S. represents a rich cultural foundation, and it entails a fluid exchange of language and resources that is constantly moving and changing. According to the latest […]

21 julio, 2021
America’s Language Gap: Attaining Language Justice

The U.S. is a country with immense cultural diversity in which 37.4% of the population consists of Multicultural Americans. However, language diversity acknowledgment is low and the not-so-small minorities are still claiming better tools and resources to attain language justice. We will review some examples in different contexts that highlight the advances made so far. What […]

12 julio, 2021
The Power of US Hispanic Costumers

The Hispanic population in the US is growing rapidly and not just in size. The demand for connectivity and companies communicating specifically to that audience beyond just language but also on a cultural level is growing at the same pace. Falling behind and sleeping on this business opportunity is not an option anymore and we will tell you why.

Innovation in remote interpreting
30 junio, 2021
Innovation in remote interpreting

This past year has taught us a lot of things. We learned about how virtuality can represent new challenges, but also new possibilities to explore other ways of connecting with each other. As regards interpretation, several new technologies opened up the field to a dramatic but necessary change: remote interpreting technology has begun to gain force.

Why is remote interpreting so important and how are new technologies helping to improve these services? Continue reading to find out more…

16 junio, 2021
Friends reunion: a sneak peek into Subtitling and Dubbing

The Friends reunion special sparked a craze in fans all over the world. Friends has gained a cult status where, no matter the age, it’s enjoyable. The memory of a story that continues to be significant worldwide owes credit to its original idea, the cast and the script writers. However, to reach so many cultures and countries, subtitling and dubbing must have played its part. Or not?  The series […]

10 junio, 2021
Why is it important to localize financial apps?

As new devices, tools and apps are continually being developed, businesses that want to cross linguistic borders need to be at the top of the game to become more competitive. Banking and finance industries are no exception.

An increasing number of users around the world are turning daily to banking apps to keep their money under control. This has led to rapid growth in the industry, a trend that is most likely to continue.

Find out why is it extremely important for banks to localize financial apps:

Translation: a growing industry
2 junio, 2021
Translation: A growing industry

The unpredictability of 2020 and the pandemic situation affected several industriesand drove businesses to their breaking point. Nonetheless, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity; the translation, medical and IT industries appear to be the few fortunate sectors.