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Innovation in remote interpreting
30 junio, 2021
Innovation in remote interpreting

This past year has taught us a lot of things. We learned about how virtuality can represent new challenges, but also new possibilities to explore other ways of connecting with each other. As regards interpretation, several new technologies opened up the field to a dramatic but necessary change: remote interpreting technology has begun to gain force.

Why is remote interpreting so important and how are new technologies helping to improve these services? Continue reading to find out more…

16 junio, 2021
Friends reunion: a sneak peek into Subtitling and Dubbing

The Friends reunion special sparked a craze in fans all over the world. Friends has gained a cult status where, no matter the age, it’s enjoyable. The memory of a story that continues to be significant worldwide owes credit to its original idea, the cast and the script writers. However, to reach so many cultures and countries, subtitling and dubbing must have played its part. Or not?  The series […]

education sector
12 marzo, 2021
Translation services for the education sector

The education sector has multiple needs related to the translation of documents and materials. Today more than ever, globalization is transforming the way we work and live. Migration and multiculturalism are leading schools and institutions to receive students from all parts of the world, who come from different cultures. To ensure that every student has […]

3 marzo, 2021
Technology Translation Services

The technology industry is constantly evolving. To make products, software, apps or services available to a worldwide audience, it is essential to have technology translation services. 

travel tourism
24 febrero, 2021
The Importance of Localization for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Being able to adjust messaging to international customers is essential for the travel industry.

This is why the pressure to be global in your communication is even stronger than for other types of companies. The best way to achieve this is through localization. Dive into this article for a detailed explanation of the importance of localization for the travel industry.

Remote interpreting
17 febrero, 2021
Remote interpreting: what is it and why is it important?

Remote interpreting helps to facilitate a communication exchange between the participants, no matter where they are located. Remote interpreting services can help any sort of business to have a global reach, as it helps to connect with audiences worldwide. It is used for conferences, and it has grown over the past year to make communication between people that speak different […]

10 febrero, 2021
E-learning: how to improve the learning experience

Under the effects of pandemic lockdowns, e-learning has become the great new gateway to career development. For those who wish to expand their enrollment, tapping into e-learning is the way to go. But what are the tricks to creating the e-learning content that your target audience is looking for? With online courses multiplying by the second, […]

game localization
27 enero, 2021
Game Localization – Best Practices

The gaming industry is a very complex universe. In fact, it is a universe full of parallel universes. To successfully translate these universes into other locales is a process full of creative, technical, financial and linguistic challenges. A set of best practices put together by experts can be a useful resource for game developers seeking […]

quality in translation
15 enero, 2021
How to guarantee quality in translation

To determine and guarantee quality in translation, we must start by being able to measure it, and to do so, we need to be able to define it. This involves analyzing what it means to ensure quality within a translation.  Our QA Manager, Cecilia Yalangozian shared some really important information with us about how to ensure quality when it comes to translation and why is it […]

software localization
5 enero, 2021
How to achieve the best results in software localization

We live in a global market. In order to compete with international business, we need to adapt our content and services to the different requirements of each target audience. This involves software localization. Software localization is key for companies that want to position their products or services worldwide, but also to achieve a much better […]