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Translation services for the education sector

The education sector has multiple needs related to the translation of documents and materials. Today more than ever, globalization is transforming the way we work and live. Migration and multiculturalism are leading schools and institutions to receive students from all parts of the world, who come from different cultures. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in the school life, language is essential. But not only for students. There are many parents who also have language limitations. For them, the only way to become involved with their kid’s educations is through translated documentation and even interpretation.

In this way, there are multiple linguistic needs that education and academic institutions have to address, such as the need to translate academic papers, exams, brochures, training materials, e-Learning materials, textbooks, prospectus, website and marketing materials, student handbooks, and others. 

In many cases, educational events and conferences also require on-site interpretation services, to ensure that each student and family has an adequate understanding of what is happening. The key is to ensure that access to the language does not become a barrier to the opportunity to learn. 

Why is the translation of academic materials and documents important? 

Translation within the education sector is extremely important for many reasons. It is needed when course credits or degrees have to be validated for international recognition, in order to help students study or work in other countries. Clear programs help students to access key information about their schools or universities, so they can really understand the formalities, regulations, prohibitions, inscriptions, and other valuable information. A proper translation within the education sector means making academic performance and qualifications transparent. To learn, and also to teach successfully, the accurate translation of educative content is needed. 

Translation is also requested for marketing and branding purposes, in order to gain international reputation and also to attract new foreign families.  

Lack of clarity in translations leads to unnecessary inquiries, which means that the staff has to respond the same doubts numerous times. This can easily be solved by a proper translation of the materials. Even using Translation Memory Systems helps schools to update their content as semesters go by, without having to create them from scratch.  

Education itself is key when we think about the evolution of humanity, and the only way to become more participative is first ensuring understanding for everyone.  

Content translated for educational purposes 

The possibilities for content that normally needs to be translated for educational purposes are limitless. But we can mention the most common: 

  • Diplomas  
  • Term papers 
  • Legal Documents 
  • Certificates 
  • Videos 
  • Online courses
  • Early development and education materials 
  • Presentations 
  • Academic references 
  • Email content 
  • Academic Records 
  • Teaching materials 
  • Licenses 
  • Financial information 
  • Marketing material 
  • Personal documentation of foreign students 
  • Recommendations 
  • Community Notices and Bulletins 
  • Reports 
  • Letters 
  • Testing Materials 
  • Brochures and Pamphlets 
  • Student and parent Forms 
  • School Bus Schedules  
  • Extracurricular Activities   
  • Enrollment Information 
  • Course Descriptions 
  • Class Schedules 

Professional translation services for the education sector 

At Stillman Translations, we provide interpreters and translators who are also native speakers to meet multilingual needs in different sectors and industries. In the case of the education sector, we can provide our language services at all levels of learning, from primary school to university education. 

We understand that access to education is essential to create a world of citizens, in which everyone has the opportunity and the right to participate. Our team members also come from an educational background, many of them are also educators and trainers, beyond being linguists. 

At Stillman Translations, we serve some of the most prestigious schools and academic institutions, to enable communication with their students and stakeholders in more than 200 languages and dialects. To ensure that our clients get the most accurate translation, we work with a team of translators from different parts of the world who are also subject matter experts from various disciplines.