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Game Localization: a worthwhile investment


The gaming industry is a huge and ever-evolving market that reaches hundreds of millions of fanatics around the world. 

Game Localization ensures that games remain open to everyone, bringing players together from all over the world. 

Game localization goes beyond the simple game translation and the modification of the packaging so it respects the regulations of the region. It involves transforming the product so it is completely enjoyable for a new target audience with different stories, cultures and lifestyles. 

Localization is the process of adapting a game to be commercialized in different locations and regions, so players have that “at-home” feeling.  

To access the benefits of game localization, it is essential to pay meticulous attention to each component of the product and have a tracking system. Localization goes beyond translating the scripts and game instructions. It means adapting the entire system to the region. Non-text-based elements like signs, billboards and even aspects of the plot like characters interactions can also be localized. 

For accurate and efficient localization, it’s key that the teams working on the translations have clear knowledge and familiarity of the type of source files, what information is contained in the files, if the translated file will be multilingual or separate files per language, and how the male/female variant lines should be handled. 


There is an immense difference in a client understanding your product and a client connecting with it. In world of reviews and influencers, you want your product to get the best feedback from gamers everywhere. 

The player needs to feel immersed in the game and without any distractions such as a mistranslation or a sign that they cannot comprehend.  

It is proven that no matter how much invested in marketing previous to the launch, or even in the making of the game, the in-game experience is the main character.  

In the current times, gamers trust influencers and YouTube gamers for recommendations. If the gameplay is not enjoyable or the streamer doesn’t even finish the gameplay, the purchase is not effective. Thanks to the globalization and the expansion of new platforms like Twitch, we can find influencers of many countries streaming their game experience. 

From a bottom-line point of view, this work contributes to overall growth of the company by accessing other markets and increasing. In the long term, it creates the possibility of ensuring future buyers for sequels and other projects in the works. 

If you want to be the next Fortnite or Minecraft, do not forget about localization. It can help you stand out from competitors. 

How and into what language? 

We recommend doing basic research to determine which markets are best for localizing your games. Start by checking gaming revenues by country.  

As of 2020, it is estimated that China ranks first among the biggest gaming markets worldwide, with a revenue of 40.85 billion U.S. dollars. The video gaming market in the United States ranked second, generating approximately 36.92 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue. They are followed by Japan, Korea and Germany. 

You can also consider a list of the most-watched video games by country on YouTube. 

If you still have doubts, this is where we come in. Stillman Translations is a company that strives to be the very best at localizing a wide array of products, with video games being a growing focus. If you are looking at localizing your game and determining which markets may be best, we would love to help.