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Great Project Management

Project Management is an essential role for every translation company and almost every industry. It basically means having the skills to combine knowledge, tools, and techniques to fulfill the project requirements. The success or failure of a project is directly related to this area. 

When it comes to analyzing what makes a great PM, we think about having the capability to plan, execute and close projects. We also think about managing teams and expectations, which means aligning projects to business goals. 

There are some qualities that can really make a project manager stand out:

  • Communication skills: the ability to communicate with people accurately regarding a variety of topics. It is a quality that is needed to assure team union and cooperation. It is fundamental to be clear, concise and honest. There are several ways to make communication work for you and your team, but not every structure works for every team. You have to make sure you get to know them and what works best for you all. Weekly meetings and status reports can help you have a better planning of the project’s details, budgets, schedules, and processes. 
  • Problem-solving skills: the key to exceptional project management is the ability to generate alternatives. This means having the temper to evaluate a collaborate to select the best options and achieve a practical solution. A great project manager works towards the success of the company, so it is vital to know how to handle unexpected situations.
  • Priorities and expectations: re-evaluating priorities is a constant task. Every work-flow can change dramatically along the way, so a great PM has to know how to find the loops and holes to deliver the project on time. Having a strategic view is fundamental to a successful outcome, the best PMs know the administrative details of their projects have a higher purpose. A well-written scope can help the team with guidelines, it should contemplate the different levels of effort attached to every task. This aspect also means having periodical feedback with the team members and their current situations to avoid any sort of problem and building a strong sense of collaborative work. 
  • Understanding people: first of all, it is crucial to understand the different personalities in your team, including their expertise, their strengths, and weaknesses.This also means knowing how to drive employees to complete tasks they enjoy completing and that they are good at. A great PM knows how to use the specific talents of every team member. Be able to recognize the effort and value of every member to encourage them to do their best. When the team knows how to work together the results are much better and time managing is improved. 

At Stillman Translations, we believe that outstanding project management is something that makes a remarkable difference. For this reason, we are always working to achieve excellence and we keep improving ourselves to gain the best collaborative leadership skills, such as negotiation, evaluation, agility, and strategy.