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Translation: A growing industry

The unpredictability of 2020 and the pandemic situation affected several industriesand drove businesses to their breaking point. Nonetheless, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity; the translation, medical and IT industries appear to be the few fortunate sectors.

The growth of these sectors could be analyzed separately although they have been interconnected for a long time, having reinforced their connection in the last year. Medical research, the importance of fast dissemination and communication of its results, and the developments in technology to support that, have brought more attention into how those industries fuel each other.

As the pandemic situation remains, and society keeps facing the need to adapt to lockdowns, new consumption habits, lifestyle changes, and new working patterns and environments, the translation industry still has a lot to offer and grow.

Here are some of the 2021 trends of the industry: 

  1. Cybersecurity as a serious business      

Enterprise-level security is going to become the standard in security even to small and mid-sized businesses. This will be a non-negotiable feature in language translation software. Due to the heavy amount of sensitive data     , translation companies must take their cybersecurity as serious business more than ever before. 

  1. Growing need for Localization 

Social media content, marketing materials, websites, and information travel faster than ever. There is an increasingly competitive global environment. This opportunity of easily accessing new audiences calls for the localization of services, products, and support materials

Localization involves shaping content to perfectly suit a particular audience, adapting them to the target región. It’s necessary to provide global users with a unique and tailored local experience. Language has a profound impact on the customer journey and we will see a steady growing demand for localization services for the years ahead.

  1. E-learning course translation and localization      

The dilemma between choosing face-to-face education and online learning options has almost closed.

Universities and academic institutions have a more feasible opportunity to reach new regions and continents since online education is becoming the regular way of learning.

More and more individuals tend to occupy their newfound free time to grow their professional profile through online courses, putting online academies into the spotlight. Are they ready to make the most of this global opportunity? Therefore, E-Learning course translation is one of the uprising trends.

  1. Video Remote Interpretation      

With Covid still present globally, VRI is here to stay. Businesses use video remote interpretation services across a wide range of sectors, being medical interpretation the most demanding one due to Telemedicine. Nevertheless, with company executives unable to travel as much and the need to keep costs down in the general economic contraction, business meetings will still rely on remote interpreters in the pursuit of international growth.

  1. Medical translation still in the eye of the storm      

There is an increase in demand for medical translations for private as well as corporate use. Scientific research for CoVID-19, vaccine trials, and the investigation breakthroughs of the disease, require efficient translation for diffusion and communication worldwide.

There is a constant flow of information from reports in different countries and laboratories and delivered from WHO about the situation. Ultimately, boosting the need for adequate and professional linguists.

6 . Tech never stops 

With a focus on productivity and quality, machine translation post editing was a trend last year, and it’s set to remain as a key area of focus.

Innovation, new technology and AI applications are key motors of the industry.

Overall perspective 

The developments in the translation industry to respond to the demand has brought on new trends and new tools for better and more efficient results. The future is encouraging over the years ahead.  

At Stillman Translations, we are growing along with the progress of the industry and technology with the goal of helping people understand each other .