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Quality processes in the translation and interpretation industry

As part of the Translation and Localization Industry, we believe that assuring top linguistic quality is a must, but ensuring human and procedural quality is what makes a real difference. These aspects are constantly working together and interacting to achieve our company’s main objective: fulfilling the clients’ needs.

Workflow processes are designed from the very beginning to add quality to the final product or service. Teamwork is needed here: the QA Manager and the Production Manager get together to discuss ideas and test different processes. It is essential for the QA Manager to have a 360° vision of the account and also of the whole project, as this helps recognize what to communicate, either to a co-worker or to a client.

The QA Manager mainly helps linguists to make the best decisions throughout their work and production process. The most important thing in a quality control process, within the translation industry, is to take care of the linguistic aspects and having the ability to explain why specific decisions were made.

When it comes to human quality in the translation industry, we have to ask ourselves: how do we overcome the online world limitations? One of the best ways to achieve this goal is working on a satisfactory communication, so these three conditions must be taken into account:

  • Being professional and respectful.
  • Conveying our message clearly and effectively.
  • Being empathetic and kind.

To offer excellent linguistic results we must take special care of the use of specific terminology and style so as to achieve accuracy and consistency. This also implies having a profound knowledge of the cultural aspects and practices within each language. 

All these elements help us all to be aware that we are not just solitary people sitting in front of the computer working from home. We are part of something much bigger, complex and dynamic: we are part of a living network in which each piece works because it adds value to the end client solution.