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8 salesforce alternatives to power your business

How do you select the best CRM system for your company? This is not an easy decision. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the best CRM system for you or your business.

You were probably thinking about Salesforce, which is an excellent choice, but there are many others CRM alternatives you may want to analyze before making a decision. Take a look!

The decision of which CRM system to use can take some time. When selecting the right CRM for your company, you may have some questions that will need to be answered: Is it easy to use? Which plans does it include? It is customizable? It is useful for the company’s current sales process? 

Salesforce is probably the most known CRM software, but there are other many alternatives. Every person or company that is looking for a CRM solution will probably be searching for a software that can help them save money with easily-administrated tools, that can also be integrated to content management and social media. Other important factors to take into account when looking for a CRM alternative are user interface and customer data. Here are 10 CRM systems alternatives to consider: 

1. Active Campaign 

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform that helps growing businesses connect and engage with their customers. Thanks to customer experience automation, it helps to create a personalized experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It has hundreds of pre-built automations and a marketplace useful for powerful segmentation and personalization. It is a user-friendly platform that combines machine learning, marketing automation and CRM, with 300-plus integrations.  

2. HubSpot 

HubSpot is an easy-to-use platform to support the sales process of any business. To facilitate marketing, sales and services processes, HubSpot has developed several tools (such as Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, CMS Hub and Service Hub) as well as several integrations. It has a real-time view of the company’s entire sales pipeline on a clean, visual dashboard. The benefits of HubSpot are that it helps to align the internal team, it offers meaningful insights, and reports growth opportunities. 


This cloud-based sales software company has gained a lot of reputation over the past few years. It’s really easy-to-use, and it is an excellent alternative to Salesforce. The features of Pipedrive help professionals and sales managers to close deals. It is useful to track emails, calls and contact history, as well as leads. With the use of artificial intelligence, Pipedrive offer its users an organized platform that helps them to eliminate busywork by automating repetitive tasks. At the same time, Pipedrive provides insights and reports, mobility, and several integrations with the most-used apps. 


Zoho CRM offers and an AI-powered assistant, as well as lead management tools and reporting dashboards. This platform provides CRM solutions for more than 150,000 business in 180 different countries from all over the world. It has remote-ready features that are ideal to conduct sales presentations, virtual meetings and webinars. Collaboration becomes much easier with this CRM system as it helps to ask and answer questions, share reports and dashboards, and send deal-related updates to every team member. 

5.Microsoft Dynamics 

Microsoft Dynamics combines CRM and ERP capabilities. This software helps to integrate data with business logic and processes, offering social insights, cloud-based campaign management, and business intelligence (BI). The CRM can be delivered by cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid-solution. It is also integrated with Microsoft 365’s productivity apps. 

 The Microsoft Power Platform is useful to build custom and automated experiences around the company’s data and processes. It provides real-time, AI-powered insights to help business obtain qualified leads and have a better understanding of their audience.  


Zendesk is a customizable CRM software solution focused on improving the relationship between companies and customers. This platform has a sales-focused CRM that aims to enhance productivity and automation of every day sales tasks. They also offer mobile CRM with cloud applications that users can access from anywhere at any time. In this way, companies can provide their users with 24/7 cloud access from computers or mobile devices to have customer support in the moment when it is needed the most. 


Freshworks is a customizable CRM system that provides a 360° view of the customer. It helps to create custom and formula fields to collect and store information for your business. Its automation tools help to boost team’s efficiency with task management tools, auto-assignment Rules and automate sequences of sales actions like emails, calls, and SMSes. It provides users real-time collaboration with Slack. Freshworks offers marketing automation tools and AI-powered features hat include activity capture, lead scoring, and email. 

8. Salesflare 

Salesflare is a CRM system focused on small businesses selling B2B. It has a visual pipeline feature, ideal for reminding sales managers about upcoming tasks. It is great for customer management, as it gathers personal information (from emails, email signatures and social profiles) in only one place, instead of storing all of thisinformation separately. Salesflare offers integration with sales tools to maximize productivity. 

If you want to optimize you company’s workflow and customer relationship, then CRM systems are absolutely necessary to boost your business!