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What is eLearning Localization?

ELearning Localization is the process of adapting eLearning content, such as educational online courses, into multiple languages, taking into account cultural specifications. This sort of localization enables reaching an audience that is interested in learning in their native language.

The eLearning industry has made an exponential growth over the past years. Multilingual eLearning courses are becoming more and more popular. To develop the process of localizing this content, it is essential to consider the source language as well as the different target languages.

According to the work of Beni Laabassi Hafsa, “E-learning focus on increasing the quality and value of education by offering learners greater access to information and supplying them with online support, support content, learning collaboration and interaction. E-learning is the overarching umbrella that encompasses education, information, communication, training, knowledge management, and performance management. It is the web-enabled system that makes information and knowledge accessible to those who need it, when they need it”.

Why is eLearning localization important?

On one hand, the effectiveness of an eLearning session can be increased, because the audience can learn in their native language, even though they can be based in a different country.

On the other hand, companies operating in more than one country often have to face cultural and linguistic differences of employees and business partners. Through translation and localization, companies are able to reach their globally and culturally dispersed audience in a format each one of them understands better.

It is also important to consider that in some regions the eLearning material may not be legal to present in the actual form in which it has been created. For this reason, localization ensures that each content is adjusted to the rules and regulations of each country.

So, in conclusion, eLearning localization allows companies and organizations to:

• Create adequate backgrounds of each audience, so they can understand what they are learning in their own language.
• Adjust the content to legal and contextual references.
• Adapt variable factors, such as units and measurements, which differ from one country to another.
• Generate new content maintaining the meanings and intentions of each concepts and central ideas.

Benefits of eLearning localization

Multilingual e-learning content offer companies a competitive advantage in sharing knowledge and training, which applies for new customers as well as for employees who are located in other regions.

• Provide internationalized e-learning Infrastructure
• Ensure a worldwide distribution and support for learners
• Provide native language and culturally appropriate presentation
• Increase corporate effectiveness and efficiency
• Meet learner, employee and customer learning requirement

Why hiring a translation company to provide eLearning localization?

Without suitable tools based on standardized architecture, eLearning localization becomes expensive to create and manage.

Working with qualified translators for e-learning projects makes it possible for companies to count with course-content translators who are not only subject matter experts, but also familiar with the language of an educational environment. These professionals must be able to place the learning content in context in diverse setting, such as syllabi, learning and training objectives, activities, assignment, assessment, measurable outcome, test and grades.

At Stillman Translations we work with professionals who have the cultural knowledge to localize courses in all sort of language pairs. Our linguists from all over the world come from different disciplines, as they are also teachers and educators.

Stillman Translations is a success-oriented company persistently working to be the most reliable language provider in the region. Our aim is to fulfill our clients’ needs so that they succeed both locally and internationally.

Offering translations in all possible language combinations, Stillman is particularly renowned for its into Spanish translations from English and Portuguese. Always striving to convey your intention throughout the linguistic process, we confidently draw upon our know-how to assist you in translations with other language combinations as well. We are there for you.