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What is e-Learning localization?
Maximize the impact of training programs and student engagement.

E-Learning Localization is the process of adapting e-Learning content into the target audience’s language and its culture.It is not limited to translating the content: it also customizes images, symbols, pictures, fonts, idioms, currency, dates, tone, acronyms, measurement units and other specifics. The purpose of E-Learning localization is to deliver the exact meaning as the source course in a specific cultural context, to maximize educational impact.

Benefits of E-Learning localization

Multilingual localized e-Learning content offers companies a competitive advantage in their capacity to share knowledge and training, which applies to new customers as well as for employees located abroad.

1. Internationalized e-learning infrastructure.
2. Worldwide distribution and support for learners.
3. Native language and culturally appropriate presentations.
4. Increase of corporate effectiveness and efficiency.
5. Meeting learner, employee and customer learning requirements.


Why is eLearning localization important?

It allows organizations, institutions, and companies to:

1. Create adequate backgrounds for each audience, so they can understand what they are learning in their own terms.
2. Adjust the content to legal and contextual references.
3. Adapt variable factors, such as units and measurements, which differ from one country to another.
4. Generate new content maintaining the original meaning and intention for every concept and central idea.