GAME LOCALIZATION - Stillman Translations
A lot more than choosing between Football and Soccer.
What is game localization?

Game Localization consists of adapting video games into languages different from their original version, taking into account the particular manifestations of each culture.

Through game localization companies can make their products more appealing to their users by taking local, political and legal affairs into consideration.

There is an immense difference between a client understanding your product and a client connecting with it. In a world of reviews and influencers, you want your product to get the best feedback from gamers everywhere.

How does it work?

Game localization implies a reorganization of multimedia interactive entertainment software in a way that sustains its original spirit, but adapted to a new environment. It is key for this kind of service to consider that each culture has a different perception of entertainment.

The process includes:

1. Translation and localization of any change made to a game.
2. Re-design of packaging and manuals.
3. Recording of new and adapted audio tracks.
4. Cutting parts of the game that tread on differing cultural sensitivities or local legal requirements.
5. Adding new sections to replace cut content.


As the video game industry makes its way to the top of the entertainment sector, game localization is paramount in adapting products to local markets in a way that they stay true to the source material.