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Reach a global gaming audience

Our game localization specialists and top-notch translation services ensure your video game resonates with global audiences.


What is game localization?

Game localization consists of adapting video games to languages ​​other than their original version, taking into account the particular manifestations of each culture, taking into account local, political and legal issues.

Why game localization is essential

It adapts gameplay, content, and user experience to diverse cultures, maximizing global appeal and player engagement.

In a world of reviews and influencers, you want your product to get the best feedback from gamers everywhere.

Our game localization process

1. Translation and localization of any change made to a game.
2. Re-design of packaging and manuals.
3. Recording of new and adapted audio tracks.
4. Cutting parts of the game that tread on differing cultural sensitivities or local legal requirements.
5. Adding new sections to replace cut content.


What languages do you cover in game localization?

We work with over 180 languages. From english into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, and more. And viceversa to!

Benefits of choosing Stillman for game localization

Our expertise, precision, and commitment to quality ensure seamless gameplay, broader reach, and enhanced player engagement.