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What is game localization?

Game Localization consists in a process of adapting video games into other languages different from their original version. As translation can have some limitations of the specific vocabulary from one culture to another, localization allows to make a much more accurate language adaptation, because the particular manifestations of each culture are taken into account.

Game Localization is growing, as the video game industry tries to make it to the top of the entertainment sector globally. Through localization, the different products of the video game industry can be acquired in new markets. Game localization aims to offer the different users the same sensation and game experience, regardless of location or culture. The final idea is to stay true to the source material.

According to the English-German translator Frank Dietz, “Game localization is unique in the sense that it may require both the skills of a technical and a literary translator. If you are localizing a fantasy role- playing game, for instance, you will have to render tales of elves, fair maidens and mythical treasures, but you will also deal with advice about video card chipsets, versions of DirectX and sound card incompatibilities”.

How does game localization work?

Game localization implies the organization of multimedia interactive entertainment software. This entails linguistic knowledge of certain game environments as well as creativity to build a consistent speech and character development. It is key for this kind of service to consider that each culture has a different perception of entertainment.

This process includes:

• The translation and localization of any change made to a game
• The creation of packaging and manuals
• The recording of new audios
• Cutting parts of the game due to differing cultural sensitivities or local legal requirements
• Adding sections to replace cut content

What is essential in game localization? That the linguists are also gamers, so that they understand the players’ preferences as well as the cultural aspects.

Through game localization companies not only assure that their products become more appealing to their users, but they also take local, political and legal affairs into consideration.

What is key in game localization?

Some of the fundamental aspects any game localization professional must fulfil are as follows:

• Computer skills: it is essential to be familiar with the specific hardware and software terminology in the source and target languages. It is also important to know how to solve software and hardware possible issues and how to research quickly to find gaming-related information.

• Knowledge of gaming: localizers must be familiar with the gaming scene and jargon in the target culture.

• Content Expertise: this means to deeply know about the different thematic and genders of the games. It is not the same to localize a sports, fantasy or science fiction game.

• High-productive results: it is important that localizers can resolve the localization of games as quickly as possible, considering that companies are waiting to have their products localized to compete in the global market.

Game localization at Stillman Translations

At Stillman Translations we have experts from different countries dedicated to game localization. This helps us reduce cultural and linguistic differences and to achieve the best results in any target language.

Our linguists are also gamers, who understand the dynamic and specific aspects about gaming itself. We assure high quality standard in all our game localization procedures.

Stillman Translations is a success-oriented company persistently working to be the most reliable language provider in the region. Our aim is to fulfill our clients’ needs so that they succeed both locally and internationally.

Offering translations in all possible language combinations, Stillman is particularly renowned for its into Spanish translations from English and Portuguese. Always striving to convey your intention throughout the linguistic process, we confidently draw upon our know-how to assist you in translations with other language combinations as well. We are there for you.