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Benefits of outsourcing Managing Services
We guarantee the most skilled and experienced Project Managers whose goal is saving time and money.

We manage your projects by aligning the right teams for every challenge, defining clear goals and expectations from the beginning and establishing constant communication.

1. Reduce production costs up to 50%.
2. Hand-picked Project Managers who deliver projects on-time and on-budget.
3. Our staff understands your technical needs and team dynamics, and work as an extension of your team.
4. Expertise in nearly every software platform.
Benefits of outsourcing Managing Services

Managed services consist of outsourcing a wide array of technology services to a Managed Services Provider.

MS is carried out by experts who provide their knowledge and experience on strategic planning, ongoing systems monitoring and regular maintenance.

Stillman provides an efficient practice of outsourcing the demands of your internal operations and processes in order to make your business more efficient.

Under the managed service subscription model, Stillman is bound by a contractual service-level agreement that measures the performance and quality metrics to be achieved with your Key Performance Indicators.