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Why choose Stillman
Translations as your
OPI/VRI provider?

At Stillman Translations we will connect you with a professional interpreter who is an expert in your required languages and in your industry’s specific terminology.

1. Over 200 languages available in our platform.
2. Available 24/7 regardless of the language pair, topic or time zone.
3. Get an interpreter in less than 40 seconds.
4. No monthly fees. You only pay for the minutes the service lasted.

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Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) give you access to an interpreter that translates content or conversations quickly and efficiently from one language to another.

This is done via the phone or through a video conference system.

In the global pandemic context, the demand for interpreting services has increased considerably, especially in the healthcare, education and legal industries.


1. Convenience:
It enables being part of a conference or international call with a multilingual audience without parties involved having to move from where they are.
2. Cost effective:
In comparison with other types of interpretation, it requires no travel or housing expenses.
3. Immediate availability:
Over the phone interpretation
enables interpretation services in urgent situations, where it is not possible to have a face-to-face meeting:
for instance, when a person needs medical or police assistance but doesn’t speak the host country’s language.