What is over the phone interpretation?

Over-the-Phone Interpretation is the transfer of an oral message or utterance from one language to another using a spoken and remote medium in a given situation of communication. OPI connects a human interpreter with 2 parties in a 3-way conference call. This process can be carried out via telephone or through a videoconference system.

The most frequent mode used for this service is consecutive interpreting but depending on the software, simultaneous interpreting may be performed.

The interpreters that fulfil this role must have a certain set of skills to offer a quality service, particularly because they cannot see directly the gestures that the speakers are making.

Due to the context of the pandemic, translations and interpreting services have had a large increase in demands, especially with regard to the health industry. But also, it is extremely useful for businesses that want to effectively communicate with clients and employees who speak a different language.

Benefits of over the phone interpretation

The benefit of an over the phone interpreting service is its convenience: it makes it possible to be part of a conference or an international call with a multilingual audience without having to move from where the parties are and, at the same time, assuring the comprehension of all the parties. Over the phone interpretation is particularly beneficial for international companies who have headquarters in time zones that are different from their clients’.

This linguistic service makes it possible to fulfil a huge range of availability without neglecting accuracy. Over the phone interpretation is key to assist through an interpretation service in urgent situations, where it is not possible to have a face-to-face meeting. When a person needs medical or police assistance and calls to an emergency line, but at the same time doesn’t speak the host country language, the only way to provide language assistance is telephone interpreting. This same situation happens with telephone help lines.

Another benefit of this type of interpretation is that it has a lower cost in comparison with other sorts of interpretation, because there are no travel expenses. For this reason, many public services are implementing telephone interpreting all over the world.

To assure high-quality standards of interpretation it is really important that the interpreters know how to localize the content. That is the main difference between a poor and an outstanding interpretation process.

Communicating online with customers can be difficult and slow. Speaking over the phone allows the two parties to perform a clearer and quicker communication. When there is a need to exchange important information but the speakers use different languages, an over the phone interpretation is the most adequate solution.

Over the phone interpretation at Stillman Translations

At Stillman Translations we have OPI services available for you 24/7. We have the resources and a qualified team of interpreters from all over the world who are subject matter experts in several fields.

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