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What is software localization?

Software localization is a varied discipline. It involves adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market. It includes the software itself and all related documentation. Without localization, many software businesses would not be able to sell products to international markets.

Adapting high-tech products and software to local markets is not an easy task, but we have the skills and expertise to make your software approachable to your audience and customers.

What does Software localization include?

Among the most used Software Localization services, we can mention translations of the application user interface (UI), manuals, product websites, marketing and sales literature, etc. Software localization includes UI translation (like translating text, buttons and data fields) and UI testing (which means testing if the localized elements are displayed correctly in an interactive way).

Software localization is usually done integrating different services such as translation, localization and rewriting. This means that professionals who localize software must also have linguistic skills as well as cultural knowledge and understandings about how software works.

In this process there can be codes next to the content. It is fundamental that the team in charge of running these tasks also knows about coding, otherwise there is a huge risk of losing valuable information.

Why localizing your software?

If you want your products, platforms or operative systems to reach more customers globally, it is essential to adapt and perfect the content into the target language. Developing a comprehensive approach can help any company to overcome cultural barriers. It is also really important to pay special attention to user-support content: the translation of help files, user guides and video instructions is fundamental.

Localizing your software helps to improve user experience. If you have a multilingual audience it is key that each public can understand the content and how to interact with your software. Adapting the content differently improves its functionality.

Software localization allows companies to position globally, and it is a must-have to be competitive in the international market.

When should you localize your software?

If you have an app and you wish that it starts to download globally, then you should consider improving your users’ experience. To achieve that result, you must take into account the cultural requirements of each audience.

First of all, the software must be easy to localize. Then you should consider the specific aspects of your foreign audience. To perform an outstanding result, it is ideal to have at least a team of three professionals to accompany this process:

• A localization engineer who generates the workflow needed to enable quick and accurate localization.
• A Project Manager who can coordinate all the tasks related to translation and localization itself.
• A QA Manager who is able to assure that the localizing process fulfils quality standards.

Software localization at Stillman Translations

At Stillman Translations we provide high-quality software localization services in all language pairs. We have a team of experts from all different disciplines related to the fields of language and software development. They are always innovating and willing to achieve successful results in challenging projects.

Stillman Translations is a success-oriented company persistently working to be the most reliable language provider in the region. Our aim is to fulfill our clients’ needs so that they succeed both locally and internationally.

Offering translations in all possible language combinations, Stillman is particularly renowned for its into Spanish translations from English and Portuguese. Always striving to convey your intention throughout the linguistic process, we confidently draw upon our know-how to assist you in translations with other language combinations as well. We are there for you.