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Software localization is more than just a translation. It involves adapting a software product to the linguistic,cultural and technical requirements of the target market.

It includes the software itself and all related documentation.

Why localize your software?

Localizing your software helps improve the user experience.

If you have a multilingual audience, it is key that all of them can understand the content and how to interact with your software.

Clear content makes for better, more accessible software.

To perform outstanding software localization, it is ideal to have at least a team of three professionals to accompany this process:

1. A localization engineer who generates the workflow needed to enable quick and accurate localization.

2. A Project Manager who coordinates tasks related to translation and localization.

3. A QA Manager who guarantees that the localization process fulfils quality standards.

If you want your products, platforms or operative systems to reach more customers globally, it is essential to adapt and perfect the content into the target language.

Some of the aspects considered during a software localization:

+ Writing directions (e.g. right-to-left for Arabic or Hebrew).
1. Date and time formats (“23/01/2020” vs “01.23.2020”).
2. Currency formatting (“50 pounds” vs “£50”).
3. Address formats.
4. Decimal separators.

Among the most used software localization services, we can mention translations of the application user interface (UI), user manuals, product websites, marketing and sales literature.

UI translation includes translating text, buttons and data fields, and UI testing, to check that the localized elements are displayed correctly in an interactive way.