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What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a concept that comes from the combination of translation and content creation. It is a task that involves a lot of creativity, since the content must be adapted to become more attractive. It is particularly used for marketing purposes, where the goal of the text is to influence the potential client to take an action.

An accurate transcreation process should be able to evoke emotions maintaining the meaning. This is a job done with much more liberties than other related task, given that the translator or the trans creator should be able to adapt the original source text to make it more suitable for the actual target market. In this way, they will adhere to the same style, tone and brand guidelines but they will adapt it so as to have a better impact. It is not the exact replication of the content.

Trans creators would make some changes into the text’s structure to make it more attractive. This specific field implies knowing a lot about marketing and adding creative flair to the actual content.

What‘s the difference between transcreation and translation?

When it comes to transcreation, translators should be able to translate the content as accurate as possible but also, they must have the skills to know how some adjustments could transform that content into a more effective one. A content that makes it possible to engage the target audience.

If you need to adapt a specific content like a brochure into other languages then you must prefer a translation service, because you want to maintain the same content without focusing on the target market. But if you want a slogan to be adapted to different languages to position a brand worldwide, then you should consider adding idioms or colloquialisms, because when you try to directly translate the content it doesn’t work in the same way.

In these cases, the trans creator should be able to suggest new slogans in the target language that have a similar functionality and reflect the same intention, so that the final result is to achieve the audience’s engagement. In conclusion: to evoke the same emotions there is much more than words to take into consideration.

What does the transcreation process involve?

Transcreation is commonly used for:

• Marketing taglines
• Product names
• Brand slogans
• Movie titles

In this process several aspects are taken into account, like the audiovisual materials or the images used to support the content of your campaign.

Transcreation should be considered whenever a direct translation isn’t localized enough. Sometimes transcreation also involves the creation of a new content with a provided guideline.

When to hire a transcreation service?

If you need to make an international campaign to position your products or services in the local markets, then you should consider overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers.

You need your brand to recreate a voice that is well understood in different parts of the world, from audiences who speak different dialects to worldwide languages. At the same time, you need the original tone, style and emotion to be reflected by the message.

At Stillman Translations we have professionals from different countries, specifically dedicated to the transcreation of content. We are excited to help your brand position in the global market. Contact us today so we can tell you more about this service!

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