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What is website localization?

Website Localization is the process of adapting an existent website or mobile app to the local language and culture considering the target market. This means, adapting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context, which involves much more than the simple translation of texts.

This modification must reflect specific language and cultural preferences in the content, while staying faithful to the website itself. Website localization must also consider the creation of new content focusing on the target audience and market in which it intends to be located, so they need to be customized to feel more “natural”.

This specific task needs to be done by professionals who have linguistic and cultural knowledge, as well as programming expertise.

Website localization has had a huge proliferation over the past years due to the increase of Internet users. As people from all over the world speak different languages, website localization becomes essential to help the sites position better in the global market.

Benefits of website localization

Some of the benefits of localizing a website are:

• Competitive advantage: many websites use language as a competitive advantage to stay ahead from the competition. If your competitors are only targeting one language then you should consider localizing your website and adapting your content to other languages to address a larger audience. To achieve better versions, it is important to also adapt your links, images, videos, attached files, etc.

• Expand your company’s global reach: you can expand your business generating content that is useful or attractive for customers in new markets. New costumers also mean an increase in sales.

• Improvement of the users’ experience: when you speak in your audience language, you generate a much better user experience when they navigate through your website. The final goal is that when users enter your website, they feel comfortable and interested. That is key to assure that they return and even fulfil a call to action. When websites are culturally adapted, cognitive efforts become reduced. This makes navigation easier and assures a much better user experience.

• SEO results: when a website transforms its content considering other target audiences, the keywords and SEO structure should also change to allow your company to improve its ranking and position in the international market.

When should you make a website localization?

Website localization is ideal when you are trying to improve your brand experience from local customers to make a competitive advantage. This is a really important aspect to take into account to increase engagement and generate new conversions.

You should consider creating a multilingual site to increase your international digital presence, and if you are willing to take that step, then we can be your strategic partner. At Stillman Translations we provide different linguistic services, and website localization is one of them.

We work with several professionals who have the expertise and the skills to perform outstanding results to localize your website, so that it has a competitive advantage to position in the global market. We can help you to create a great strategy with a solid execution.

Contact us today to analyze which website localization process suits you and your company to perfection!

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