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What is multimedia localization?

Multimedia localization is the process of adapting multimedia content from one language to another and to localize it to accommodate cultural references of the target language.

Multimedia localization applies to different multimedia projects, such as:

1. Training videos
2. Trailers
3. Corporate films
4. Advertisement
5. Product presentation
6. Training material
7. Audio recordings
8. Presentation movies
9. Web banners
10. Interactive animation

This type of content can be shared with customers, partners and colleagues from different parts of the world, in other markets where language can be a significant barrier.



How does a multimedia localization process work?

Multimedia localization is usually done by different professionals working together as a team: linguists, translators and localizers, video editors and sound experts, that are generally coordinated
by a project manager, to guarantee high-quality results.

When it comes to localizing multimedia content there are several aspects to consider:

1. What languages does the project have?
2. Do subtitles need to be added to the video?
3. Must the sound be done with lip-sync or with a voice-over?
Which type of voice best fits the project?
4. Does the video have text?
5. How is the project going to be distributed?


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There are two main types of subtitling to consider when facing a multimedia project
Translation of a script file in a source language into the target language (translation: text into text).
Translation from the audio of the video into the script in the target language (translation: audio into text)

Subtitling can be also classified by whether it is done in the same language as the audio track, or from one language into another:

Captioning: the subtitles are created in the same language as the audio track.

Interlingual subtitling: when the source language is translated into the target language in one or more lines of synchronized written text.

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