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Technology Translation Services

The technology industry is constantly evolving. To make products, software, apps or services available to a worldwide audience, it is essential to have technology translation services. 

Translation services make a real difference when it comes to helping companies reach a worldwide audience. In the world we live in, technology services and products are rapidly growing, and there is a big market pressure to put technology products into the markets in short periods of time before they become obsolete. We have to understand that technology is constantly evolving and every day new platforms and operative systems are being developed. In fact, a company that is able to put a technology product in the market first is definitely going to have a competitive advantage.  

When it comes to technology translation services, it is key to understand the importance of having any sort of content localized in order to make cutting edge products and services become accessible for each target audience. Content must be understood without errors by users worldwide. To achieve this result, it is really important to work with native speakers who are also expert translators that can correctly convey the meaning of the source content.  

A proper technology translation service will consider the company’s UI and UX. Any leading technology & IT company will need a multilingual solution that is compatible with the work of coder, content creators and interface designers. The ultimate goal is to achieve accurate translations and localization process that work across different platforms: mobile, IoT, web and APIs. 

Types of translation in the IT industry 

There are many translation and localization services that an IT company may need. Some of these services are: 

Hardware translation services 
Telecommunication translation 
Android/iPhone applications 
Software translation services 
Medical device translation services 
Translation of operation manuals 
Translation of machinery labels 
Consumer electronics translation 
Computer-aided design and production software 
Space technologies translations 
Patent translation 
Technical hardware texts 
Network infrastructure translation 
Product user and installation manuals 
Translation of websites 

On the other hand, it is also important to consider that there are several sectors that work with computer-based business processes and also have electronic infrastructures, so they may need technology translation services. Of course, working with a marketing agency or with a legal firm is not the same. For that reason, it is key to have a team of linguists who can fulfil specific demands of that particular industry.  

Some of the sectors that use computer-based business processes include: health settings, automotive industry, engineering sector, defense and security sector, telecommunications, sciences and research, finances and banking, games and entertainment, schools and educational institutions, the food industry, as well as many others.  

How to avoid a poor technology translation service 

A poor technology translation service can lead to some serious consequences, such as having a product delayed or obstructed. To avoid lack of accuracy within a translation process it is key to have a team of professionals who are not only translators, but also subject matter experts within the IT industry.  

Some recommendations to avoid a poor translation in the information and technology industry are: 

  • Work with native speakers both for proofreading and translation.  
  • Use translation tools with automated quality assurance functions. 
  • Take into account the cultural background and terminology of each target audience. 
  • Consider regional dialects that may not recognize by MT tools. 
  • Work with a team that can cover not only the linguistic aspects but also the software or hardware development specifications. 

Technology Translations Services at Stillman Translations 

At Stillman Translations, we offer a number of tech translation services. For example: translation for mobile, software, hardware and telecommunications. We translate and localize IT content to make it approachable and appealing for your target audience.  

We work with a team of translators, linguists and localizers from different parts of the world to ensure accuracy in any language needed. From experienced translators, software developers and designers, DTPs, project managers, editors and proofreaders, our team of native speaking professionals are ready to ensure success.  

We work hard to achieve the most high-quality technology translation services from a whole range of sectors and disciplines and in a variety of file formats. We aim to create a consistent translation throughout the entire project that is also in concordance with the company and workflow.