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The Power of US Hispanic Costumers

The Hispanic population in the US is growing rapidly and not just in size. The demand for connectivity and companies communicating specifically to that audience beyond just language but also on a cultural level is growing at the same pace. Falling behind and sleeping on this business opportunity is not an option anymore and we will tell you why. 

Growing population 

As of today, Hispanics represent 19% of the entire U.S. population, at over 62.8 million and reaching almost a quarter of the younger generation, millennials and Gen Z. They are the second fastest growing ethnic group since the year 2000 with nearly 56% of the total growth in the U.S. This trend is likely to continue with Hispanics driving 62% of the population growth through 2025, and becoming 20% of the entire population. 

This projection represents one of the biggest opportunities for marketers to grow their businesses in the future taking into account that Hispanics are younger on average than other ethnic groups, adding up to 23.4% of the US millennial population 

To top it all off, 40% of Hispanics are more likely to connect with brands through social media and their buying power increased 69% compared with 41% of non-Hispanics. What potential! 

Building connection – engagement 

Every company should understand how to execute proper planning, market research and, most importantly, attain a deeper understanding of the consumers it serves. Hispanics aren’t a homogeneous group and they speak many variations of the Spanish language. Like many immigrant and first-generation immigrant cultures, they integrate traditions from their countries of origin, and this influences their decisions, such as their buying habits. So, to market successfully to U.S. Hispanics, this important factor must be taken into consideration. 

Younger generations might feel related to two cultures, their Hispanic heritage and that acquired in the US. Studies show that beyond language adaptation and translation, creating content that is relatable by mixing the heritage and the upbringing environment factor without neglecting credibility generates the relatable response that should be sought for these consumers. 

They also state that millennials respond more positively to content that reflects their culture; if this effect is not achieved, Hispanics won’t engage with it. 

In general, Cultural signals like food, family, and traditions resonate with U.S. Hispanics online. Including culturally relevant elements and bilingual content in your brand’s website and ads can make them more appealing and help drive engagement and action. This also conveys a positive signal that your company intends to connect. 

Digitally driven costumers 

Google has conducted studies that prove that Hispanics are digitally savvy and their consumer behavior is highly related to their use of technology. As mentioned above, they are more likely to connect with brands through social media and be more receptive to mobile advertising than the general population.  

Check this out: 

– When it comes to online ads, 66% of US Hispanics online say they pay attention. 

– 93% of them recall taking action after exposure to ads. 

– 79% of U.S. Hispanics surveyed said they are using online search engines on a daily basis. 

After the 2020 pandemic, we learned the importance of having online presence. Not directing your communications to Hispanics and thus ignoring their needs is a missed opportunity given the size of the audience segment they represent. 

In closing… 

The Hispanic audience in the U.S. is gaining cultural and economic prominence. This isn’t just numbers; it’s the reality reflected. Constantly connected consumers are influential ones and this audience is very connected. Businesses can make effective use of media to connect with this audience. The key is to go where these consumers are, offering genuine and culturally relevant ways to engage. 

At Stillman Translations, we are a multicultural service that can help you reach this constantly growing audience by producing true connections and community beyond just language.