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over-the-phone interpreting
7 octubre, 2020
The benefits of over-the phone-interpreting

With COVID-19 and most communications becoming remote-based, being able to reach the services of a professional interpreter in a few seconds, wherever you are, is ever more useful. A myriad of industries benefit from over the phone interpreting.  In what situations is over-the-phone interpreting useful?  Over-the-phone interpreting –OPI for short –  is multilingual communication made possible thanks to technology that connects […]

the best English accent
1 octubre, 2020
What is the best English accent in the world?

There are countless English accents in the world. And this fact alone is a sign that English is a living language, used by millions of people around the world. Linguists and phoneticians work hard to keep track of the differences and explain them. But what is the best English accent?   What is an accent?  An […]

facts about Portuguese language
28 septiembre, 2020
4 things you didn’t know about Portuguese

One of the most spoken languages in the world, Portuguese has countless layers of colorful history and meaning. Have you ever wondered why it shares its roots with Spanish, but its rhythm sounds more like Russian? Continue reading to discover this and a few other interesting facts you didn’t know about the Portuguese language.  What is the Portuguese language a […]

How to improve creativity
25 septiembre, 2020
How to improve creativity

A lot of people struggle in getting their creative juices flowing. In this busy world we live in, we sometimes don’t give ourselves time or permission to explore our creativity and realize new projects. These projects sometimes get put on the backburner, and instead we prioritize other tasks.  What is creativity?  According to Kaufman and Sternberg (2007), creative ideas comprise three components. 1) Those ideas must represent something different, new or innovative. 2) They need to be […]

medical translation and interpretation
23 septiembre, 2020
Medical translation and interpretation during pandemics

During a pandemic, translators and interpreters are essential. As the world comes together to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical translation and interpretation is a key way to respond to human needs. Language matters more than ever. Translators and interpreters fulfill a fundamental role to help society receive public heatlh announcements and guidance.  Why language matters during pandemics Interpreters and translators can give guidance to patients […]

trick to time management
16 septiembre, 2020
3 Tricks to Time Management

Managing time is one of the main challenges of our era. Now more than ever, it feels like there is never enough time for the increasing number of items on our to-do lists. Prioritizing is a good strategy, but it doesn’t help create more time within our day! If you find yourself constantly racing against […]

machine translation
15 septiembre, 2020
Machine translation: everything you need to know

Machine translation is becoming more and more popular, it is used as a predilect way to complement human translation processes. It can be understood as a form of computational linguistics and language engineering. It is an automated process, carried out by a computer, not a human, where the software translates the text or speech from one language to another.  How does machine translation work? Machine translation is the process […]

11 septiembre, 2020
3 reasons Transcreation is the best tool for your international marketing strategy

If you are running an international business, you have most likely learnt from experience that reaching your customers in their own language is one of the top “must dos” of your process of expanding to a new target market.  But what does it mean to actually “reach” those clients? If you have never heard about transcreation, […]

multicultural families
9 septiembre, 2020
Multicultural families: falling in love in a globalized world

In this globalized world we live in, it becomes more and more common to meet intercultural or multicultural families. These families are formed by couples who have different nationalities, speak different languages and come from different cultures. Multicultural families can be seen as a miniature version of the world cultures.  What does it mean to have a multicultural family?  An intercultural family goes beyond just having a different passport. People within […]

2 septiembre, 2020
What are the stories behind the months’ names?

It’s September already! Have you ever thought about why we call it “August”? We’ll give you a hint: it’s the Romans’ fault. Their devotion to gods and emperors has left its mark on the way we speak about many things, including our months. And learning some of the stories behind the months’ names is just like watching a Roman soap […]