QUALITY POLICY | Stillman Translations

August, 2022

Stillman Translations SRL is a linguistic services company geared towards success and looks to become the most trusted linguistic services provider.

We want to be the strategic link between the needs of our clients and the qualified linguists that can satisfy those needs

Assume the commitment to establish this Quality Policy based on the following principles:

+ Satisfy and comply with the applicable requirements, including our clients’ requirements, attending to their needs and improving their compliance.

+ Continuously improve the Quality Management System, including its improved performance.

+ Provide the resources necessary to implement, maintain, communicate and make this Policy understood throughout the company, and that the Policy is available to the interested parties.

+ Establish the objectives of the Quality Management System, using this Policy as frame of reference.

+ Achieve a social commitment and care of the environment in the activities carried out by all of our collaborators.

This Policy will be communicated and reviewed periodically, in order to verify its continuous adequacy.

CEO & Chairman

Stillman Translations