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gender inclusive language
13 agosto, 2020
Gender-inclusive language: what is it and why is it important?

In recent years, a very interesting linguistic debate has taken center stage on social media, spanning nearly every language around the world. The global conversation revolves around feminist language reform, proposing gender neutrality for languages with grammatical gender. What is gender-inclusive language and why is it important?Are we able to tip the scales of justice […]

7 agosto, 2020
Fighting against systemic racism

The recent unjust murder of George Floyd at the hands of police has driven a series of international movements to amplify the voices of black people all around the world. Fighting against systemic racism is a must in our generation. Communication is a fundamental piece, which has the power to either promote inclusive practices or perpetuate injustice systems.  Racism as a structural issue  Racism operates at multiple levels, ranging from the individual to […]

5 agosto, 2020
Need to build your translation portfolio? Here are some tips for you!

If you are ready to take your first steps finding a freelance job, looking for new job opportunities, or if you are taking more challenging jobs –in addition to having a great resume– you must complement your job application with a portfolio in order for recruiters to know why they should hire you ASAP as a freelance […]

29 julio, 2020
10 Translators that made history

Being a translator is not an easy job, but sometimes their work is not recognized as it should be. What translators do is very important to our society as it helps spreading scientific theories and knowledge all over the globe, making them accessible for almost everyone. Unfortunately, this job has been under the radar for many years because it is believed that in the industry the translation must […]

27 julio, 2020
Generation C and the logic behind generation labelling

Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Gen Z and now Generation C or Pandemials. We tend to refer to generation labels as a perfectly logical explanation for differences in worldviews, emotional reactions and even fashion. But what really determines a generation leap? Are we witnessing the birth of a new generation marked by the effects of Covid-19?  […]

23 julio, 2020
Do freelance women hold the secrets to succeed in pandemic times?

With the Covid-19 reaching a pandemic status in March, the global workplace has undergone a major shift of historical proportions. Unemployment is reaching unprecedented peaks worldwide and working from home has become the “new normal” for many major global companies. But this isn’t new for freelancers, particularly not for women in freelance jobs, who have […]

15 julio, 2020
Does our first language shape the way we think?

Linguists have historically been obsessed with understanding how the language of our thoughts can shape the way we think. The commonly accepted assumption is that language is the structure that holds the content of our thoughts; as if language was a series of vases differing in shape and size, and our thoughts were the fluid […]

14 julio, 2020
Tradusa-Brazil: supporting the medical translation & interpretation industry

This year we were part once again of Tradusa: Brazilian Meeting of Specialized Translators in the Health Area, an annual event that took place in the city of São Paulo- Brazil.  This event aims to contribute to the training and professional development of medical translators and interpreters. As well as translators who work with healthcare and related fields. […]

8 julio, 2020
Most popular languages in the Americas

The Americas is a very large continent; it has 35 countries and very different languages. Some countries, such as Brazil, have only one official language: Portuguese. In other countries, such as Canada or Puerto Rico, people may speak English and/or another language like French or Spanish. In some rare circumstances, a country can even have three or more official languages. This is the case of Bolivia where people […]

7 julio, 2020
The History of Sign Language

Sign language has existed for many centuries. No one knows exactly when it was born, but it is believed that it has been used since people have the need of communicating.   Sign Language was used by many cultures throughout history, even before it was turned into a language with a structure itself (even though they differ from region to region). For example, in America, the Great Plains Indians developed a […]