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‘Emily in Paris’ – reflections on working abroad and cultural boundaries

‘Emily in Paris’ is a new series of Netflix that tells the story of a young American (played by Lily Collins) who has a job transfer to a marketing agency in Paris. The series has caused some controversy about how Parisian life is represented (full of clichés and some situations that would never occur to ordinary mortals). However, it charmingly demonstrates the experience of working […]

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tips for translating swear words
Tips for translating swear words from around the world

Translating a “bad word” into another language can be quite a task. The literal equivalent may not always have the same effect. Specialized linguists have come up with a few clues to lead us out of the maze. Hint: it all has to do with emotions!  There are 5 universal categories of swearing As language lovers and […]

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uncomfortable emotions during pandemic
How to deal with uncomfortable emotions during the pandemic

As discovered by psychologists worldwide, the relationship we have with our emotions affects the relationship we have with everything and everybody else. Like every relationship, it begins with the words we use to address those parts of ourselves. After 9 stressful months of a pandemic in 2020, developing a healthy relationship with uncomfortable emotions has become a top […]

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latin american spanish varieties
How many Latin American Spanish varieties are there?

Translating a simple phrase into Spanish while traveling somewhere in Latin America, is not always a simple task. While the Spanish language has its roots in Europe, it has been greatly influenced by the native languages spoken in Latin America, making the number of current-day Latin-American Spanish varieties overwhelming! Whether you are thinking of learning Spanish or your business is expanding to Latin […]

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role of language in emotions
The role of language in emotions

For years it has been said that emotions are physical types that have nothing to do with the words we use to describe and categorize them. However, recent research from a psychological constructionist perspective reveals that language is a fundamental element in emotion, and it fulfills a key role in emotion experiences and perceptions. How […]

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over-the-phone interpreting
The benefits of over-the phone-interpreting

With COVID-19 and most communications becoming remote-based, being able to reach the services of a professional interpreter in a few seconds, wherever you are, is ever more useful. A myriad of industries benefit from over the phone interpreting.  In what situations is over-the-phone interpreting useful?  Over-the-phone interpreting –OPI for short –  is multilingual communication made possible thanks to technology that connects […]

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the best English accent
What is the best English accent in the world?

There are countless English accents in the world. And this fact alone is a sign that English is a living language, used by millions of people around the world. Linguists and phoneticians work hard to keep track of the differences and explain them. But what is the best English accent?   What is an accent?  An […]

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facts about Portuguese language
4 things you didn’t know about Portuguese

One of the most spoken languages in the world, Portuguese has countless layers of colorful history and meaning. Have you ever wondered why it shares its roots with Spanish, but its rhythm sounds more like Russian? Continue reading to discover this and a few other interesting facts you didn’t know about the Portuguese language.  What is the Portuguese language a […]

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How to improve creativity
How to improve creativity

A lot of people struggle in getting their creative juices flowing. In this busy world we live in, we sometimes don’t give ourselves time or permission to explore our creativity and realize new projects. These projects sometimes get put on the backburner, and instead we prioritize other tasks.  What is creativity?  According to Kaufman and Sternberg (2007), creative ideas comprise three components. 1) Those ideas must represent something different, new or innovative. 2) They need to be […]

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medical translation and interpretation
Medical translation and interpretation during pandemics

During a pandemic, translators and interpreters are essential. As the world comes together to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical translation and interpretation is a key way to respond to human needs. Language matters more than ever. Translators and interpreters fulfill a fundamental role to help society receive public heatlh announcements and guidance.  Why language matters during pandemics Interpreters and translators can give guidance to patients […]

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