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hate Speach and interpretation
6 septiembre, 2022
Hate speech: a multilingual problem for interpretetion

Hate Speech has become a tricky to handle situation, to say the least. Fake news, attacks, trolls and bots are players that were not contemplated when issuing our basic free speech rights. It doesn’t mean that context changes them, but it does bring into question how to handle gray areas.

24 agosto, 2022
Project Management Trends you should know

We start projects with this adrenaline rush that usually subdues. You see, we can’t really lean on our motivation for a project to make it to the finish line. And in this case, unlike long distance racing, the important thing isn’t only to make it. It’s to make it on time, with the amount of resources set aside for it and having accomplished certain OKRs.

19 agosto, 2022
Machine translation broken down to the very gist

Deep learning has enabled researchers who know almost nothing about language translation to put together relatively simple machine learning solutions that beat the best in the market. All thanks to sequence-to-sequence learning. The exact same algorithm is used for AI chatbots and describing pictures.