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What is voiceover?

Voiceover or voice acting is a process through which voices are captured, recorded and edited to use for specific broadcast purposes. These recordings are also mixed, edited, and mastered to assure a much superior quality in the audios. This type of task is done by specialist voice talents, who have acting, reading and performative skills.

Through voiceover translation, the scripts get translated into the target language and then recorded by a voiceover professional.

Many companies rely on multimedia or audiovisual content to generate a much better approach to their clients or employees. When multimedia content is developed, it is fundamental to have the best voices to make the speech appealing.

If you want your brand to have its own voice, then you definitely need to consider adapting your messages to your target language, in a way that matches your business’ identity. So, what aspects are going to be considered in a voice-over service? The accent, the age and the gender of the voice- over talent are key points to take into account.

Voice-over is added to any existing dialogue, it is not the same as dubbing or revoicing, which is the process of replacing dialogue with a translated version.

Types of voiceover

There are two types of voiceover services:
  • Synchronous dialogue: the voiceover narrates the action that is taking place at the same time it happens.
  • Asynchronous dialogue: the voiceover is usually prerecorded and placed over the top of a film or video. This type of voiceover service is generally used in documentaries or news reports, when there is a need for explanation of the information handled.

Also, according to the type of product we can specify different sorts of voiceover needs:

1. Films
2. Promotional ads
3. Corporate needs
4. Websites
5. E-Learning courses
6. Entertainment
7. Game videos
8. Audiobooks

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