Team - Stillman Translations

Hugo Rizzi


I am a soccer fanatic (a fan of Córdoba’s own Belgrano team) and a compulsive reader. After graduating with a degree in Literature and Spanish language from the National University of Córdoba (UNC), I studied contemporary art philosophy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where I lived for a year before moving to London to complete my studies in English. I lived in the English-speaking capital for two and a half years. Ten years of my career were devoted to teaching literature and Spanish in one of the most prestigious schools in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. Since 2006, I have been working in the translation industry; my profound knowledge of Latin American language and culture made it possible for me to fill the position of proofreader and Quality Assurance Manager for a renowned translation company in Argentina. In January of 2011, I decided to use my knowledge of the industry—meeting client needs, carrying out quality assurance procedures and project management—to found Stillman Translations. For the first year, the company was created to offer QA services for other translation companies; but throughout the years and with lots of effort, Stillman Translations became one of the most important translation agencies in Córdoba, Argentina. I am a passionate, success-oriented individual with strong professional aspirations, great interpersonal skills and a willingness to discover the most appropriate solution for your business needs.

Carolina Li Gambi

Transversal Relations Manager

I’m Caro, and today I’m working as QA Manager, but tomorrow may be different! I’m very curious and can’t stand being in only one position. My role is to help my teammates so they can comply with client needs. I also assist linguists when they have linguistic questions or technical issues. I like historical novels. My favorite novel is “La consagración de la primavera” by Alejo Carpentier. I like cooking and experimenting. I love traveling, especially to new places and I’m curious about people living in different cultures. I’m very organized. I have a good memory for trashy information (according Nano). I’m very creative, and I enjoy using that creativity to build new spaces for interaction. I like going above and beyond. I began working in the translation industry after graduating as a Spanish Proofreader and prior to finishing my Literature and Spanish Language degree at the National University of Córdoba (UNC). I have used my skills in a number of positions, working as a Translator, Proofreader, Editor and Linguistic Mentor, but also as Project Manager and Vendor Manager. My expertise has led me to design and create the best processes for each Department to work as a team and satisfy client needs. Since I began working at Stillman Translations, I have personally selected and trained over 200 linguists. I love training linguists who are eager to learn, seeking professional development and personal growth. After the initial training period, I continue assisting linguists with feedback so they can give their best. I love languages, working with words and the different mechanisms we use to communicate. The translation industry has given me the opportunity to explore these interactions from multiple perspectives.

Mariano Barbieri

Vendor Manager

My name is Mariano, but everybody calls me Nano. I’m a Sociologist and recently I finished my Master of Social Science at the National University of Córdoba.

About ten years ago, I was introduced to the translation world as a young Project Manager. Since then, I have had great work experiences in the industry, acquiring new skills, developing new ideas and, above all, meeting extraordinary people, some of whom remain lifelong friends.

I am now the Vendor Manager, which is a new challenge that has turned out to be both rewarding and enjoyable. This job involves many tasks, such as talking to new people on a daily basis, getting to know them and, above all, communicating Stillman Translation’s values and procedures. I expect to continue learning from each other and working together as a team which, I believe, is the most valued capital our company has created.

Victoria Morell

Vendor Manager Assistant

I have a degree in Institutional Communication from Blas Pascal University (UBP), and I have a Master’s in ELE (Spanish for foreigners) at the School of Languages, National University of Córdoba (UNC).

I love languages, especially the way they evolve from generation to generation. To me, this represents a very rich part of our immaterial heritage. I also adore ice cream (especially Italian ones), the open air and spending time with my two little girls, who are full of questions and doubts at every moment!

Besides my Argentinean culture, I love Italian culture too. I studied Italian for many years when I was younger and have visited Italy twice: the first time to study the language and the second time to study management.

I’d been teaching Spanish to foreigners for several years when a friend introduced me to the Translation industry. I dove headfirst into this incredible world and decided to make a home here. After two years of maternity leave, I came back to this industry. This time, Stillman found me (or I found Stillman?) and I started as a PM in 2018.

Today, my role is Vendor Manager Assistant. This is a very interesting position in a Department full of growth opportunities. I’m willing to learn every day, and I’m extremely thankful to be part of this amazing team.

Vanina Micheloud

Director of Sales North America and LATAM

My name is Vanina Micheloud and I lead the Business Department at Stillman Translations. I’m in charge of guiding the sales team to meet their personal sales goals and to align them with the company’s goals in the most efficient way.

Apart from my passion for sales, I have other interests that keep me active: my family, my friends, sports, trips and makeup. Oh! And my dog, Khali.

I have a little playful 4-year-old boy, and my great partner, Diego.

I’m new in the translation industry, but my passion for learning new things and my willingness to collaborate with the team and make Stillman grow keep me very active and full of energy at work.

At Stillman, human resources are extremely qualified and the quality of our linguists’ work stands out in the industry.

Ana Cecilia Pato

Human Resources Manager

My name is Ana and I am a psychologist. I think I chose my career so I could understand people and help them. I really like to listen to people’s life stories.

At Stillman, I am the Human Resources Manager, and I’ve always found it interesting and challenging to work towards making people feel valued and motivated at work.

I am a huge fan of field hockey; I even play it myself. I play in the greatest club of all times – Jockey Club Cordoba. I really enjoy going to my club, even if I don’t have to train or a match that day. That club is my second home.

I really like travelling and planning trips, getting to know others cultures and tasting other place’s typical food. I am very sociable, and a bit loud sometimes according to my friends and family.

Serenella Domizi

Marketing Manager

I am a proactive person with excellent communication skills, always in search of new challenges. I make the most of every experience because I believe that there is always room for personal and professional self-improvement.
I have over 10 years of experience developing and executing marketing and communications plans from end to end.

Hager Fahmy

Vendor Manager Assistant

My name is Hagar, but everyone here calls me Hagui. I have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ain Shams university. Since the age of 20, I have been working on improving my skills and getting knowledge in the HR field in general. My first job was as an HR and Vendor coordinator in a localization company in Egypt. I was lucky to be introduced to this amazing industry, where I found my passion and discovered my capabilities. I can say that this industry, especially the Vendor Management department, is made for me. I love communicating with different people, and I am always curious to discover the differences in people’s personalities.

I love getting to know the culture of the other countries by watching TV series or movies, learning languages, cooking dishes from different cuisines such as pasta, pizza, and sweet and sour chicken and many other Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. I consider myself an optimistic person, a good listener, and a supportive friend and family member. I love nature — anything green — and I admire ballet.
I have been working in the localization industry for three years now. Through these years, I have worked on many projects in more than 150 languages for different services and specializations. I have faced many challenges, but I am always pleased when I face them head on and come out with success.

Working with Stillman gave me the chance to work in a team with a cooperative spirit and learn from each other, and I am so glad to be a part of this brilliant team.

Carola Velit Zapater

Production Manager

My name is Carola. I love animals, and I am also an animal rights activist and proud owner of three dogs. I was the first Peruvian at the company.

I love traveling, dancing, going out with friends, walking with my dogs and reading books. I am a passionate fan of all types of coffee drinks. I have a warm way of interacting with our clients.

I have a degree in English and French Translation and Interpretation in Eurolanguages by Ricardo Palma University. I have more than 12 years of experience in the language market, which made it possible for me to work not only as a translator, but also as a proofreader and QA analyst.

I have worked as an interpreter for different multinational companies and at important events, including significant UN conferences in Peru.

I started working at Stillman in April 2017. I have been fulfilling the role of project manager for almost three years. I have the expertise to deal with any kind of project.

My short-term goals are traveling around the world, enjoy every day as if it were the last, get a Master’s degree and probably to adopt more dogs!

Jacqueline Antialon

Project Manager

My name is Jacqueline, but call me J if you want. I love it! Well, I don’t believe in the zodiac stuff, but I like my zodiac sign for some bizarre reasons. I like to say that I am somebody new every day and I bet that when I do something strange, my response is: “I’m a Gemini.” Additionally, I really enjoy listening to music, and I hate going shopping. I honestly believe 80s and 90s music is probably the best era of music because I like bands, guitars, and how true to the soul it is. I love reading and painting everything I can as well.

I have a Translation and Interpreting degree from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC). I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural barriers and languages. Also, I am eager to keep up to date with the latest information on Project Management through continued coursework and professional development in Translation and Interpreting. I start every day with a hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action.

I am currently working as a Freelance Translator and Project Manager. As a Project Manager at Stillman Translations (always interested in a challenge), I assume full responsibility for successfully planning, executing, monitoring, and closing a translation project. At this point, I can say patience is key! In this job, I’ve learned that rather becoming consumed by frustration, I can use my time as an opportunity to pay attention. Knowing exactly where my time is going can help me make decisions and whatever the outcome, I’ll find a way to move forward.

Constanza Herrero

Project Manager

I am passionate about God’s creation: sunrises & sunsets, mountains and the sea. I am a very calm person, specialist for details, good adviser and listener. I consider myself to be quite Argentinean: I love drinking and sharing “mate”.

I have a degree in English translation from the National University of Córdoba, but prior to graduating, I began working as an English<>Spanish interpreter for different international clients. Due to my oratory skills and calm personality, I was able to work as a full-time interpreter for two weeks in the U.S. on a special trip.

Working for an international organization as a freelance translator led me to discover that I prefer collaborating in a team rather than working by myself.

I always seek to learn new things, and I like to teach and share what I have learned. My motto is that everything is solved by speaking with kindness.

I started working at Stillman in May 2017, and since then, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about the translation industry.

Rocío Cagna Toledo

Project Manager

My name is Rocío, but everybody calls me Ro.

I love singing. To me, singing is the answer to everything. If I’m happy, I sing; If I’m sad or stressed out, I sing; if I’m bored, I sing, and if I combine singing with cooking, I’m in paradise!

I enjoy watching soccer. I’m a proud River Plate fan and one of my favorite pastimes is to remind Boca Junior’s fans about 9/12 (The day we won the most important Copa Libertadores final).

Also, I love philosophy and questioning everything! The universe, our existence, life, death, love; they are all good topics to keep you up at night.

Stillman has opened up its doors for me to be Project Manager of the Northern team, and by doing so, it also has opened up the doors of the translation industry for me. Every single day is a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn about this wonderful industry.

Being a PM is not as easy as it sounds, but thanks to the Stillman family everything is easier. There is always someone there to help you out, make you laugh and support you, no matter what. That is why I love working here!

Luiz Lorenzetti

Regional Sales Director LATAM / USA / EMEA

My name is Luiz Lorenzetti, I work as the Regional Sales Director LATAM / USA / EMEA. I live in Brazil with my family. From Brazil, I contact clients all over the world.

I am pragmatic and problem-solver. I studied Social Communication and I have an MBA in Management. I am passionate about the commercial area, I like meeting people and sharing my experiences with empathy and respect, which are the most important aspects of my personality. Combined with my skills, they are useful for dealing with clients for Stillman Translations.

I love traveling to new places and getting to know new cultures and different languages. In my trips, I come to know many flavors, which only increased my love of cooking. I make delicious dishes, always accompanied by a good wine! To balance it all, I often do exercise; going to the gym and spinning are my favorites.

Adolfo Leo Zuzunaga

Project Manager

My name is Adolfo and I’m from Perú. I studied Graphic Design and Photography.

I started working asa DTPer and a Project Manager on Lima 2019 Pan American Games. It was such a wonderful experience! I met a great team and I’m proud of the work we made.

At Stillman Translations, I work as PM in the Arctic Team. Every day is a new challenge for me, and I really enjoy learning more about this industry and everything that my team mates share with me.

I love travelling and take analog photos to develop and save moments. I always carry my camera with me.

I enjoy rollerblading, playing videogames, watching movies, and I really love cooking and singing!

Virginia Torrens

Project Manager

My name is Virginia. I am an English into Spanish translator. I studied at the National University of Cordoba, a prestigious institution in Latin America.

I’m currently working as a PM in the Northern team. This is my first job and Stillman has given me the opportunity to start working with such a great, strong team. All my colleagues have made my first steps into this big industry so much easier. It’s nice to know that someone is always there to help you!

I share the same values as the company: transparency, honesty, and respect. I think it is a good place to learn from others and where others can, perhaps, learn from me. It is also a good place to grow both professionally and personally. I couldn’t be happier!

Carla Oviedo

Project Manager

My name is Carla, but everyone calls me Carli, Car, Carlita or Lesly and I love it! I love diversity and I love to laugh! I define myself as a restless, intense, super positive, terribly structured, organized, and simple person. I love to learn new things constantly; I believe in good vibes and I am very curious about the stars.

I enjoy working as well as traveling, reading books, eating good food and spending time with friends and family. I prefer the mountains to the city and my hobby is trail running.

Before joining Stillman Translations, I had worked in other different fields that provided me with the necessary tools to develop as a Project Manager in this company. At the age of 23, I graduated with a degree in Foreign Trade and I have always liked math, languages, and everything related to management. I received a Diploma in Project Management and later certified as a Scrum Master. At Stillman Translations, I learn something new every day, the team is very kind and I am very happy to be part of this family.

Noelia Ferrero

Quality Manager

My name is Noelia, but I prefer to be called Noe.

I love reading and watching movies. My favorite genre is sci-fi, I’m a huge Star Trek and Isaac Asimov fan! I also like fantastic literature. I’ve been teaching different seminars on J.R.R. Tolkien at college since 2014.
I also love basketball. I enjoy watching my favorite team’s games, Atenas de Córdoba, even though they have been going through a rough patch for quite a few years now… but you don’t get to choose the team you’re passionate about!

I studied Greek and Latin Literature at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, and I immediately fell in love with the task of translating the ancient texts into Spanish. Trying to express the beautiful poetry Horace or Sophocles had written so many centuries ago in my own language was challenging, but it also opened a gateway to another time and culture. Eventually, I discovered that what made the task so interesting wasn’t the time gap between these authors and the present, but the different languages and the structures we use to express ourselves. So I’ve started studying as many languages as I can, real and fictional!
I’ve been working in the translation industry for several years and joined Stillman in early 2021, where I get to work with an amazing group of people, doing what I like the most, learning new things, and helping our linguists grow as professionals.

Luiz Otávio Esteves

Quality Assurance Assistant

I’m an amateur multi-instrumentalist and I also have a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology. I’m a cat person, but I also love dogs, birds, cows, pigs, capybaras, and wombats. I’m an author as well as an avid reader. I am a post-graduate from Universidade de Brasília and I am currently an undergraduate at Universidade Paulista.

Thoroughly restless when it comes to learning, I became a translator about 10 years ago, after years working in molecular biology (for some odd reason). It made sense to use my English skills and my biomedical knowledge to work on technical-scientific translations. After that, I learned a little Spanish, a little French, a little Italian, a little Hebrew here and there, although I never managed to learn German (which I regret).

So, ten years later, here I am, working as a Quality Assurance Assistant for Stillman! I’m as proud as I can be to be a part of this team.

Life has been a thrilling journey and the answer is 42.

Soledad Li Gambi

Human Resources Assistant

My name is Soledad, but everybody calls me Sole. I live in Córdoba, Argentina, and at Stillman, I’m the Human Resources Assistant.

In 2017, I got my degree in Human Resources in the Aeronautical University (IUA). Stillman has allowed me to have my first experience in a company and also in the translation industry . I’ve been working here since February of 2021. I’m in charge of organizing training sessions and searching for candidates who best represent our company values. I enjoy meeting people, listening to their life histories and working experiences.

I love travelling and learning about new cultures. I’m an animal lover as well. Last year I adopted Vito, my dog. He has really changed my life and has become a member of my family.

In my free time, I usually go to the gym and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also like cooking, specially cakes and desserts.
I’m very grateful for being part of this big family.

Gaston Caceres

Marketing Assistant

My name is Gaston Cáceres and I am currently studying Public Relations in Córdoba, Argentina. This year my goal was to find a job related to what I am studying, so I am very excited about this internship!

In my free time I like to play sports such as football or basketball, meet with friends or listen to music.

I am very sociable and I like working in teams. Over the summer I enjoy traveling and getting to know other places.

Mailén Molina

Project Manager

My name is Mailén, but everyone calls me Mai. I’m from Argentina and I live in Córdoba city.

I studied Translation at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina, one of the best universities in Latin America which makes me feel confident enough to take care of linguistic needs in a timely and efficient manner. As a language lover, I’m passionate about learning new languages. I’ve studied Portuguese and German, but I’m not very fluent nowadays. I speak French and I enjoy learning about the French culture a lot.

In my free time, I go to the gym every single day and, on weekends, I go for a run. It is MY moment to connect with myself. Also, I love taking my dogs for a walk and playing with them at the park or home. They are the ones that cheer me up when I’m upset or stressed out.

I’ve worked as an English to Spanish translator for a couple of years. But lately, I’ve felt very curious about Project Management. So, I started finding out about what being a PM means and Stillman has given to me the opportunity to keep growing and learning in this field.

Emilia Lazzari

Project Manager

My name is Emilia and I am a translator of English into Spanish, proudly graduated from the National University of La Plata. I have always loved languages and immersing in them by reading, traveling, and watching movies (I am a truly cinephile!).

College provided me an insight into how to deal with different aspects of translation and challenged me to my favorite area of translation: literature. I’ve become passionate about translation’s key role as a bridge-builder that makes it possible for distant societies to break the language barriers, and I aim to keep exploring it every single day!

After working as a freelance translator for some time, I decided that I wanted to seek a position in which I could collaborate in a team environment.

Stillman has welcomed me to be a project manager in the Northern Team, where I found a supportive, warm, and collaborative group of co-workers who made my first experience in project management really enjoyable.
I want to make the most of this opportunity to keep training myself in the multifaceted world of translation!

María Inés Cofone

Project Manager

My name is Maria Ines, but everybody calls me Nesi.

I´m a Graphic Designer who graduated from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) so I like colors, shapes, and everything that’s beautiful and simple in life. I love simplicity!

I´m a very curious person and enjoy learning new stuff. I´m passionate about technology. I´m enthusiastic about learning programming languages. I think that´s a fascinating subject, full of possibilities and it encourages a very structured way of thinking. I love discovering new apps and learning to use new programs. You could say I´m a geek, and proud of it!

I think working at Stillman is a great opportunity to get in touch with people from different cultures and that is simply amazing!

Sabrina Maldonado

Project Manager

My name is Sabrina, but you can call me Sabri, Sa, or Japan! Because of my fascination for oriental culture.

I live in Argentina. I love dancing, laughing, nature, meditating, reading fantasy novels, playing video games, and sharing the art of cooking and eating with friends.
I am an energetic, self-taught, and creative person. Learning new languages is one of my passions! I studied English, Italian, a little bit of Portuguese and my golden goal is to finish learning Japanese. I believe that communication is a universal tool of the union.

I like challenges. I consider changes good learning opportunities, so traveling and getting to know different cultures is one of my biggest hobbies.

I have been a photographer and digital artist for 8 years. After an intense search, I am currently working as a PM in the Atlantic team starting my first steps in this industry, thanks to the wonderful Stillman Translations family that gives me the opportunity to expand in this field.

My favorite phrase is “Without chaos, there is no evolution”.