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23 julio, 2020
Do freelance women hold the secrets to succeed in pandemic times?

With the Covid-19 reaching a pandemic status in March, the global workplace has undergone a major shift of historical proportions. Unemployment is reaching unprecedented peaks worldwide and working from home has become the “new normal” for many major global companies. But this isn’t new for freelancers, particularly not for women in freelance jobs, who have […]

15 julio, 2020
Does our first language shape the way we think?

Linguists have historically been obsessed with understanding how the language of our thoughts can shape the way we think. The commonly accepted assumption is that language is the structure that holds the content of our thoughts; as if language was a series of vases differing in shape and size, and our thoughts were the fluid […]

14 julio, 2020
Tradusa-Brazil: supporting the medical translation & interpretation industry

This year we were part once again of Tradusa: Brazilian Meeting of Specialized Translators in the Health Area, an annual event that took place in the city of São Paulo- Brazil.  This event aims to contribute to the training and professional development of medical translators and interpreters. As well as translators who work with healthcare and related fields. […]

8 julio, 2020
Most popular languages in the Americas

The Americas is a very large continent; it has 35 countries and very different languages. Some countries, such as Brazil, have only one official language: Portuguese. In other countries, such as Canada or Puerto Rico, people may speak English and/or another language like French or Spanish. In some rare circumstances, a country can even have three or more official languages. This is the case of Bolivia where people […]

7 julio, 2020
The History of Sign Language

Sign language has existed for many centuries. No one knows exactly when it was born, but it is believed that it has been used since people have the need of communicating.   Sign Language was used by many cultures throughout history, even before it was turned into a language with a structure itself (even though they differ from region to region). For example, in America, the Great Plains Indians developed a […]

23 junio, 2020
Language as a bridge to the right to communication

Melisa Mariel Sotelo is a journalist who has researched on the aboriginal peoples from northern Argentina. She has been related and committed to them throughout her entire life.  The language of these peoples often goes unnoticed, despite the fact that the Argentine Constitution ensures their inclusion, in practice this does not always happen. Language is […]

29 mayo, 2020
Content Marketing for Translators

Content marketing is an instrument of inbound marketing that is used to convert leads. For translators and freelancers this can be particularly useful to gain new clients or achieve job opportunities.  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Nowadays, digital marketing offers us new possibilities to get anywhere, literally, anywhere, thanks to digital environments. Among the many possibilities that digital marketing […]

28 abril, 2020
Ensuring language access for your non-English-speaking clients

In today’s multicultural world you’ll often find that your potential clients don’t speak English as a first language. Of course, you want to support them, but it can be a challenge supporting clients that don’t have English as a first language. Over the years, at Stillman Translations, we’ve noticed a trend amongst our clients in […]

28 abril, 2020
The interpreting process

*Constanza Herrero – Project Manager & Interpreter at Stillman Translations – Her experience interpreting Susan Dawson at Talent Tech. The interpreting process begins from the very first #communication with the client and the speaker. The result of it can clearly be seen at the moment the job takes place, but there is a whole work carried out […]

28 abril, 2020
Why is medical translation so important?

Medical translation requires specialized and trained translators to be constantly updating their knowledge. This field demands top-quality working procedures because what is at stake is the health and life of human beings. Medical translation emerged from the need to achieve a mutual understanding of health issues between patients and professionals who speak different languages, and […]