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10 abril, 2020
The Role of Interpreters in War Zones

As the novelist Margaret Atwood said: “war is what happens when language fails.” Language is a powerful enabler. If well managed, it can lead to understanding and peace, but it can also be an element of alienation. Miscommunication can generate conflicts or catastrophes. According to the book “Interpreters as Diplomats: A Diplomatic History of the […]

14 enero, 2020
Translation quality

Translation quality is extremely important when looking for a translation provider. As a company geared towards success, we put a lot of effort into every project we are involved in. We believe that high standards of quality are fundamental to achieve the greatest results. 👉 Here are some key points to take into account to avoid […]

4 diciembre, 2019

The word #apapachar is considered one of the most beautiful #words that exist. It means “caressing with the soul”. This term comes from the #Náhuatl word “papachoa”, a verb used to refer to the actions of kneading, massaging or rubbing with love. An “apapacho” express an emotional encounter, something that goes beyond contact. We believe that some words have a powerful […]