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28 April, 2020
Quality processes in the translation and interpretation industry

As part of the Translation and Localization Industry, we believe that assuring top linguistic quality is a must, but ensuring human and procedural quality is what makes a real difference. These aspects are constantly working together and interacting to achieve our company’s main objective: fulfilling the clients’ needs. Workflow processes are designed from the very […]

28 April, 2020
Great Project Management

Project Management is an essential role for every translation company and almost every industry. It basically means having the skills to combine knowledge, tools, and techniques to fulfill the project requirements. The success or failure of a project is directly related to this area.  When it comes to analyzing what makes a great PM, we […]

28 April, 2020
Borders of language

As part of a culture, we all share a certain level of knowledge and understanding. This is because we occupy a relative position within our societies. According to Teixeira Coelho, “the idea of culture is always a long conversation (and where there is no conversation, there is no culture)”. This leads us to think about the way […]

28 April, 2020
Great translators of history

As well as Jorge Luis #Borges, the novelist #JulioCortázar started working as a translator before becoming a writer. “I also think that what helped me was learning a foreign language at an early age, and I acknowledge that, from the beginning, I found translation fascinating. If had not been a writer, I would have been a translator. ” […]

28 April, 2020
The meaning of the Wiphala flag

The #Wiphala is the flag of the #Andean peoples. It has different variations but the most widespread is currently used as an ethnic symbol of the #Aymara people, which has been recognized as a symbol of the #BolivianState, by the 2008 Constitution. The word Wiphala comes from the Aymara language. “Wiphai” is a triumph exclamation, […]

28 April, 2020
How to create a great resume

Translators, interpreters, and linguists in general often have to be seeking up for new #opportunities in the market.  As a #TranslationAgency we receive a lot of #resumes, and we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some key points to take into account when preparing your #CV. Take a look! 👩‍💻👨‍💻 Must-haves: […]

28 April, 2020
The importance of communication in social emergencies

As we all know, communication has a great value. When it comes to prevention from a global disease, this is no exception. But how and why does translation become so meaningful in contexts of global emergency? On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic. For this reason, several countries started […]

10 April, 2020
The Role of Interpreters in War Zones

As the novelist Margaret Atwood said: “war is what happens when language fails.” Language is a powerful enabler. If well managed, it can lead to understanding and peace, but it can also be an element of alienation. Miscommunication can generate conflicts or catastrophes. According to the book “Interpreters as Diplomats: A Diplomatic History of the […]

14 January, 2020
Translation quality

Translation quality is extremely important when looking for a translation provider. As a company geared towards success, we put a lot of effort into every project we are involved in. We believe that high standards of quality are fundamental to achieve the greatest results. 👉 Here are some key points to take into account to avoid […]

4 December, 2019

The word #apapachar is considered one of the most beautiful #words that exist. It means “caressing with the soul”. This term comes from the #Náhuatl word “papachoa”, a verb used to refer to the actions of kneading, massaging or rubbing with love. An “apapacho” express an emotional encounter, something that goes beyond contact. We believe that some words have a powerful […]