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standardization in legal translation
28 abril, 2021
The importance of standardization in legal translation

In a globalized world, legal proceedings that cross several national borders are increasingly the norm, and legal translation is a sensitive requirement. Despite the development of global communication, differences in legal systems around the world can lead to misunderstanding and translation errors. Researchers and academics have claimed that standardizing a universal legal language could be the solution to those challenges. This article summarizes claims in favor of standardization as well as its limitations.

amateur medical interpreter
21 abril, 2021
The risks of having an amateur medical interpreter

Scientific research has shown, time and again, that effective communication is essential in medical environments. But the risks associated to translation and interpreting in this field haven’t always been assessed clearly and concisely. You may have a good notion of the responsibility involved in dealing with the health of LEP patients, but in order to be prepared, understanding the specific risks involved is essential. This article summarizes some case studies and research findings to help explain those risks in black and white.

cross-platform software localization
21 abril, 2021
The what, why and how of cross-platform software localization

When developing multi-lingual software to be deployed across a variety of operating systems, the technical complexities of translation and localization are abundant. To ensure your release is not delayed by unnecessary back and forth, a cross-platform localization strategy is the key. But what is it, and how can you ensure it is carried out properly? Getting the help of an experienced LSP is the first step, but here are some insights to help you prepare for a conversation with them.

salesforce alternatives
14 abril, 2021
8 salesforce alternatives to power your business

How do you select the best CRM system for your company? This is not an easy decision. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the best CRM system for you or your business.

You were probably thinking about Salesforce, which is an excellent choice, but there are many others CRM alternatives you may want to analyze before making a decision. Take a look!

vendor management
6 abril, 2021
5 tips for great vendor management

Want to improve your relationship with your suppliers? Then think about Vendor Management. If you want to reduce costs, improve your working procedures and obtain better negotiations, then vendor management is your way to go.

Take a look at these 5 tips for great vendor management!

multicultural marketing
6 abril, 2021
Why is multicultural marketing important?

International business has to take into account the multicultural differences that are part of our society. Segmentation is a way to approach to each target audience in an effective way, to make it possible engaging with them.

Companies should consider multicultural marketing strategies if they want to land into new markets and expand their business overseas. Take a look to find why is multicultural marketing important.

digital reports
25 marzo, 2021
Digitalization: the future of finance?

Financial reporting done well used to be about complying with legal requirements. As a result, months of work and dedication from report writers ended up turning into a long and cumbersome print document that was eventually forgotten. With digitalization, annual reports are gaining visibility and attracting investors. But is digitizing the right step for your company’s annual report? Or is it just the next fashionable perk to have?

legal interpretation services
22 marzo, 2021
Legal Interpretation Services: a roadmap

The legal interpretation territory can have some moving sands for the inexperienced. Understanding the basic elements of a legal interpretation scenario can be the difference between selecting the right person for the job and learning a useful (but unpleasant) lesson. In this article, we share a list of expert tips and definitions to help you prepare for your next multilingual trial, court hearing or lawyer-client meeting.

Language sector performance 2020
17 marzo, 2021
Language Sector Performance in 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the language service industry was, just as with every other industry, one of paralyzing uncertainty followed by vertiginous change. While there were some who adjusted better than others, the language sector as a whole had a better performance in 2020 than other industries. In this article, we summarize the main conclusions to be drawn from last year’s lessons, along with three main forecast scenarios for 2021.