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25 noviembre, 2020
What is ASMR and what does it have to do with language?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) can be described as a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. The human body produces this pleasant tingling feeling after hearing unique soft voices or certain soothing sounds. These manifestations occur while watching ASMR videos, recordings or in a face to face conversation with a person that has a […]

Corporate responsibility environment
19 noviembre, 2020
Corporate responsibility towards the environment – urgent and possible

Climate change is an urgent global matter. The COVID-19 pandemic is solid evidence that we need to commit to caring for the environment and those around us if we are to overcome any global crisis. As government action proves insufficient in creating the radical change that we need, companies have a unique opportunity to become true […]

Customer Journey
19 noviembre, 2020
The Impact of Language on the Customer Journey

Language has a profound impact on the customer journey. When we think about customer experience (CX), there are many factors we should consider. The words we choose matter. Words are a key part of conveying the brand’s voice and identity and building a specific way to interact with our target audience. How can we transform […]

Legal Translation
11 noviembre, 2020
Legal translation: what is it, why is it important and some characteristics

As with any sort of translation, legal translation consists of transforming documents from one source language into a different target language. But there are some peculiarities about this type of translation. Legal translation stands at the crossroads of three areas of inquiry—legal theory, language theory and translation theory—that are fundamentally indeterminate, largely because of their reliance on natural language (Joseph 1995: 14).  The law itself is quite […]

volunteering as a translator
9 noviembre, 2020
Volunteering as a Translator –Why, Where and How

How would you like to work for the UN? What about a non-profit organization transforming the lives of millions of underprivileged people around the world? If you’re a translator and these ideas sound appealing, volunteering may be just the thing for you. Because there are many options out there, we have done a little reconnaissance of the […]

English as a global language
7 noviembre, 2020
English as a global language

English is the most spoken language in the world. While it may sound like old news, there are some details behind this fact that you may find surprising. Did you know English is an official language in more countries than it is a first language? Or that it is the most widely taught second language […]

Denmark: the happiest country in the world
4 noviembre, 2020
Denmark: the happiest country in the world?

What makes a country a happy place? What makes us happy? It appears that Denmark –along with other Nordic countries – has discovered the answer to these questions. The UN’s World Happiness Report has placed them at the top of their list on several occasions. Want to find out why? Check out this list of happy Danish facts.   […]

Telugu language US
28 octubre, 2020
10 things you didn’t know about Telugu, the fastest-growing language in the US

You may not have heard of it, but Telugu is one of the oldest languages on earth. It is unique in its roots and it was the center of political activism that led to the creation of linguistic states in India. It is also the fastest-growing language in the US and part of a new trend in translation services. […]

28 octubre, 2020
‘Emily in Paris’ – reflections on working abroad and cultural boundaries

‘Emily in Paris’ is a new series of Netflix that tells the story of a young American (played by Lily Collins) who has a job transfer to a marketing agency in Paris. The series has caused some controversy about how Parisian life is represented (full of clichés and some situations that would never occur to ordinary mortals). However, it charmingly demonstrates the experience of working […]

tips for translating swear words
22 octubre, 2020
Tips for translating swear words from around the world

Translating a “bad word” into another language can be quite a task. The literal equivalent may not always have the same effect. Specialized linguists have come up with a few clues to lead us out of the maze. Hint: it all has to do with emotions!  There are 5 universal categories of swearing As language lovers and […]